4 Space-Saving Furniture Ideas for Small Apartments 

Space Saving Furniture Ideas

You don’t need a large house to make a stylish, elegant home. With these small space furniture ideas from us at Pottery Bar, and your own personal style, you can create an efficient and comfortable living space despite the square footage you’re dealing with. From rural tiny houses to urban studio apartments, combining a smart approach with versatile furniture gets you the look you want. And it does so without taking up much space!

Extra Storage at Every Opportunity

Storage is helpful in any home. It’s especially important if you don’t have a lot of empty closets and unused corners to use for storing extra items. This means you can take every opportunity to organize and stow your stuff out of sight. For example, the most efficient coffee table ideas for small living room spaces typically focus on small tables with drawers or shelves underneath. There, you can keep everything from TV remotes to tablets and game console controllers.

You can optimize anything with empty space, whether it’s an ottoman or the area under a bed, for storage. Look for furniture pieces with hidden compartments or enough underside clearance to accommodate boxes for extra clothes or linens. Use a logical approach, stowing the items that make sense for each individual piece of storage furniture. For example, benches work well for linens and other bulkier items. Underneath a bed, use long, low bins to store seasonal clothing or shoes.

Repurpose Unitaskers into Multitaskers

Whenever possible, furniture for small spaces should serve more than one purpose. This helps to eliminate furniture redundancies that can occupy a lot of space. For example, instead of having a desk chair and an armchair, choose a comfy rolling desk chair. An upholstered and tufted desk chair looks and feels like a cozy armchair. It may also have adjustable features that make it useful while you’re working at a desk. Plus, rolling feet make it easy to move the chair from one place to another, providing an ideal approach to space saving ideas for small apartments.

Bookshelves are highly versatile multitaskers. As you brainstorm bookshelf ideas for small rooms, consider opting for wall-mounted shelves to free up some floor space. Or, combine your bookshelf with another furniture piece. You can do away with a TV stand or a side table by choosing a bookshelf with a flat, sturdy top that doubles as a TV stand.

Small Kitchen Table Ideas for Maximum Comfort

Size has a big impact on comfort while you’re seated at a table. Finding the sweet spot with scale and comfort just takes a little know-how in a small space living situation. There are two great options if you want to have a dedicated kitchen table setup. A bistro table, provides a small seating setup that’s perfect for a little breakfast nook. If you want a multitasking kitchen table that can accommodate more guests, consider a table that folds down into a two-seat bistro table. You might be able to find an ideally sized kitchen table that also features storage drawers and shelves on its pedestal to take multitasking power a step further.

Give "Sofa Bed" a Whole New Meaning

In a studio apartment or small loft space, you may need to choose between a big, cozy bed and a big, cozy sofa. Luckily, you can have both! Your bed can easily convert into a comfortable seating area even if you have a mattress larger than the twin size typically used in a daybed.

Place your bed frame with one side against the wall so you can use that wall as back support. Then, cover your bedding with a quilt or coverlet to provide some protection for your bedding. Stack pillow shams and decorative pillows up against the wall to cushion and give your mattress more of a couch-like depth. That’s all it takes! This is an easy way to convert your bed into seating when you have guests over. Use underbed storage boxes or baskets to hold the quilt and extra back-support pillows when you’re not using them.