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How to
Get Your Home Ready
for the Holidays


The holidays are finally here! Around the world, spare rooms are being spruced up, the stockings are being hung by the fire and treasured ornaments are ready to display, as family and friends come together to celebrate.

We’re here to help get your home fresh and festive for the holiday season, so you can get back to what matters most: enjoying your time with loved ones. From shortcuts in the kitchen to handy, easy DIY holiday decor, we rounded up our top 40 tips to get you ready for the holidays.

So let’s get started!


Quick and Easy

The holidays are the perfect time for a quick and easy decluttering session so you’ll have the space you need to show off your holiday style. Walk through your home and give it a once-over. Put away any stray items that might be floating around the house and give surfaces a quick dusting.

Can't find a good place to keep your items neatly stashed away? These simple, space-saving storage solutions can help you get organized straight away, and they look pretty snazzy, too. For a refresh on a budget, simply gather the things you won't need over the holiday season and store them out of sight for now. The reduced clutter will reduce stress and give you more time to enjoy your time with family and friends.

Remember to Relax

The holiday season goes a lot more smoothly with just a little bit of planning, but even the best of planners can’t predict the future. Concentrate on the things you can do to prepare for the holidays, like making sure you have everything you need to host guests from out of town. Make yourself a to-do list and prep as much as you can in the days before the big celebrations, and then remember to enjoy the holidays. After all, you’ll be spending them with the people you love most and that’s what really matters. And if something goes wrong? Stay calm and try to laugh it off. Accidents happen, even to the best of us.

You Got This

Last minute dinner guests? No worries. It's easy to repurpose the furniture you already have to make room for everyone at the table. You can bring in a few pieces of outdoor furniture to expand seating and a piano bench is just a great for playing piano as eating dinner. For the kids, a sturdy end table makes a great impromptu seat – you can even add a cushion for extra comfort.

Sparkle and Shine

There's nothing quite like a little bit of sparkle to make your home feel extra festive. Brighten up a banister with string lights, create the feeling of a fireplace with a cluster of candles in an alcove, or transform your landscaping with classic holiday lights—wherever the light touches, the holiday spirit will follow!

Want even more tips? Just scroll down and click the image to see the full list of 40 tips to get you ready to rock around the clock – and the tree – with family and friends this holiday season.