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5 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

5 Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Cinco de Mayo is one of the many international holidays that are an absolute joy to celebrate! If you’ve never hosted a Cinco de Mayo party before – or you’re looking for some fun ways to brighten your annual soiree – why not give these ideas a try? If you’re wondering just how to throw a Cinco de Mayo party, this handy guide from Pottery Barn can give you all the inspiration you need for an unforgettable event. From music and decorations to food and drinks, planning and setting up an amazingly fun Cinco de Mayo fiesta will have you feeling festive.

Fabulous Food

Mexican food is delicious, and there are so many different, easy ways to approach your Cinco de Mayo menu. A build-your-own taco or burrito bar is a fun choice that lets guests enjoy all their favorite flavors, and it’s an easy way to accommodate a variety of different dietary needs. You can set out platters of both flour and corn tortillas as a foundation for fillings like seasoned tofu, carnitas and chicken, then provide shredded cabbage, radishes, pico de gallo, lime crema and guacamole to top it all off.

If you feel like incorporating a spread of dishes for a seated dinner, consider serving a multi-course meal with some deliciously authentic recipes. From hearty, rich pozole to refreshing ceviche, you have a wide range of great options for your main dish, and you can supplement that with a variety of sides and salads ranging from red rice to crisp, flavorful nopalitos. There are plenty of different dessert options to choose from as well, including homemade flan or an assortment of cookies and pastries from your local Mexican bakery – or from your own kitchen.

Delicious Drinks

You have so many classic cocktail and beer options at your fingertips for Cinco de Mayo, including margaritas, tequila shots and favorite made-in-Mexico brews. It’s easy to make your drink selection a festival of flavors by and adding some fresh drink selections to your menu. If you want to try something new, mezcal, a Mexican liquor that’s making its presence felt on the mixology scene, is a fantastic choice next to tequila. Though it’s made from agave like tequila is, traditional mezcal has a smoky flavor that gives a sophisticated twist to Cinco de Mayo cocktails.

Magical Music

Even a single guitarist playing classic Spanish guitar songs adds something special to any party. If you want your party to be a bit more low-key, focus on using your speakers. Aside from mariachi recordings, there are tons of great Mexican musical styles and artists to add to your party playlist. There are plenty of great contemporary Mexican musicians to consider, including Selena, Jenni Rivera, Espinoza Paz, Gerardo Ortiz, Thalia and Luis Miguel. Set the mood with some upbeat pop songs or go for a more chilled-out vibe depending on what your party guests want to experience.

Delightful Decor

Your Cinco de Mayo party is a great opportunity to honor Mexico’s iconic artistic and decorative culture with some bright, cheery party decor. The green, white and red of the Mexican flag are classics, but feel free to bring in bright, fiery colors that energize the space. From multicolored banners to bright tablecloths made from traditional textiles, there are plenty of easy ways to create your own Cinco de Mayo party decorations. And if you want to get crafty with some DIY decor projects, think about using Mexican serape blankets and mariachi band uniforms as inspiration.

Homemade tissue paper flowers are another great way to bring on the brightness, and they’re so simple to make at home. Simply stack six sheets of tissue paper in any colors you like, fold the stack like an accordion and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center to secure the paper and serve as a stem. Then, cut the ends into any shape you like, unfold the tissue paper, fluff it up and voila – colorful, creative flowers that look great anywhere!

Further Fiesta Festivities

If you’re looking for some fun activity ideas for a Cinco de Mayo party, consider getting a piñata and stuffing it with tiny treats and gifts for grown-ups. Cinnamon-spiced Mexican hot chocolate packets, Mexican candy, tiny bottles of hot sauce or organic dark chocolate from Mexico are great options!