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5 Creative and Unique Easter Table Decorations 

5 Creative and Unique Easter Table Decorations

This year, why not break out some new Easter table decorating ideas to create a fresh holiday look for your home? Floral arrangements and Easter baskets make for classic Spring centerpieces on an Easter table, but when bunny and egg themes combine with spring colors and fresh florals, your gatherings have even more Easter flair. In addition to the tabletop, you can even think of the whole room as part of your holiday canvas, pairing things like spring wreaths, crisp table linens and a little – or a lot – of sparkle to your table settings. Have fun pulling everything together as you enjoy dining with friends and family this Easter.

Turn Soup Bowls into Spring Table Decorations

This is an fun and quirky way to incorporate some of your favorite dinnerware into your tablescape. You can spread an Easter-themed or pastel tablecloth on your table, then choose four soup bowls you love. Flatten four balls of modeling dough into disks about 2 inches wide and put the dough in the bowls. Turn on four battery-operated tea lights and set one on top of each piece of dough. Then, turn a clear or colorful juice glass upside down over the tea light to create a dome, and press the rim of the jar into the dough. Nestle a bit of Easter grass around the glass in the bottom of each bowl. Drop foil-wrapped chocolate eggs and colorful jelly beans in the grass, and position your homemade Easter lanterns around your table.

Planter Table Decorations for Easter

Bring some colorful foliage to the table for pops of springtime charm. Start with a rectangular basket that fits in the center of your table. Put a layer of floral foam in the bottom, and stick four or five sections of silk flowers into the foam, keeping them in a straight line with small gaps between each bunch. Tuck Easter grass or faux moss around the stems to cover the floral foam, and add in some colorful Easter eggs in the centerpiece around the stems of the silk flowers.

Tiered Stand Easter Table Decorations

Start this unique creation with a tiered stand. Add a small floral foam wreath to each layer, and arrange a mixture of large, small, bright, pastel and white flowers – whatever you find that you love – into the foam. If the stems are too long, you can trim them so the flowers fit the way you want on each tier. Nestle Easter eggs or wrapped Easter candy under the flowers all the way around the perimeter of each layer. You can also tie pastel ribbon into large, fluffy bows to attach to the center bar and handle of the tiered stand.

Dessert Bunny Centerpiece

This edible centerpiece is sculpted from marshmallow and crisped rice treats and decorated with candy eyes and whiskers, and friends and family of all ages are sure to love it. Mix up a batch of crisped rice bar “dough,” and let it cool for a few minutes so you can comfortably handle it. Butter your fingers and sculpt about half of it into an oval, and put it in the center of a serving platter. This is the rabbit body. If you find your fingers are sticky, simply add more butter or wet them with water. Pick up two golf ball sized pieces and press them into ovals, putting them on the platter in front of the body for the front feet. Sculpt the tail, and then use the remaining mix to sculpt the head and ears. Surround your Easter-dessert celebrity with Easter grass, colored eggs and colorful candies, and feel free to decorate the big bunny with icing, too. 

Egg and Flower Vases for Easter Table Settings

Start with a large glass vase with a solid base and wide mouth. Gently place ceramic or decorated boiled Easter eggs in the vase, filling it a little over halfway. Tuck silk daffodils and tulips in the vase so the stems wedge in between the eggs. Tie a silk ribbon around the neck of the vase, make a large bow and leave the ends of the ribbon streaming down. Feel free to add a few glass craft beads to the top of the eggs and gently jostle the jar so the glass beads slide in between the ceramic eggs to add extra sparkle.
You can add extra decoration to your eggs by wrapping colorful embroidery floss, ribbon and vintage lace around them and attaching them with dabs of craft glue. Try using these decorated eggs in any of the crafts above, or display them on egg stands in the center of the table or on a countertop.