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Decorating with Plants:

5 Indoor Hanging

Planter Ideas

Decorating with Plants: 5 Indoor Hanging Planter Ideas

Bring a touch of nature indoors with pretty faux flowers and plants. Plants add a welcoming touch to any room. It’s so easy to mix and match hanging and potted plants to display on shelves and in large, floor style planters. To create a lush display, combine a variety of planter styles, such as floor planters, smaller planters on shelves and hanging planters basking in the soft glow of the light coming through a window. We at Pottery Barn are happy to share how you can get the hanging houseplant look without the dirt.

Colorful Hanging Plant Ideas

Adding plants to your decor is a great way to put splashes of color to a room. Choose floral plants with dark foliage and put them in neutral toned planters. Then, slip the planters into natural jute macramé hangers. This method showcases the flowers’ color, while the neutral-toned vessels add classic beauty and a bit of texture to the room. For another way to add vibrant color, choose a boldly hued macramé hanger and insert a basic planter and plant. Hang the planter by a wall mirror to showcase the colors and reflect light throughout the room. This also creates a lush, jungle-worthy illusion of multiple plants, which looks great in a relaxing den or family room.

Easy Tips for Choosing Plants for Hanging Baskets

Step back and look at the space where you’re planning to display your hanging basket. If it’s a large, open area, a plant that spreads out and drapes down over the edges of the pot will fit perfectly and still let plenty of light in. If your hanger is shorter and you want to center the plant in the window, so it almost touches the surface of a side table, go with a plant that hangs down over the edge. If you’re looking at a smaller area, a tall, spiky plant or chunky succulent adds a lush touch.

Kid-Crafted Indoor Hanging Planters

When your kids want to help with decorating the house, hanging planters are a great way to get them involved. Pick up supplies for older kids to macramé the plant hangers. Grab some painting supplies and plain pots for kids of any age to embellish. Feel free to give children a bit of design direction, like painting pictures that draw out the colors of your window dressings, a rug or your favorite painting. Or, let them go wild and express their creativity! Put the decorated planters in the living room, dining room, bathroom or a bedroom so everyone is able to see and enjoy their colorful creativity.

Festive Seasonal Planters

Take plants that normally blend in with a room’s decor and turn them into showstopping holiday decorations. Match these seasonal decorations to other decor in the room, like your throw pillows or seasonal displays. It’s so easy to get your house ready for different seasonal holidays by wrapping your hanging planters with festively hued ribbons. This works for any holiday that has popular colors, like red, white and blue for the Fourth of July, and orange for Thanksgiving and Halloween. If you’re hosting holiday parties, tie balloons and streamers that match the holiday’s theme to the base of the planter. If there’s enough room by the plant’s stem, insert a small decoration there, too.

Special Occasion Planters

Special occasions, like baby showers, graduation and birthdays also give you the chance to decorate your hanging plants. Tie colorful bows around the plant’s stem and wrap shiny foil or colorful wrapping paper around the base of the planter. Try adding ribbon nests in the same color scheme around your tabletop, art sculptures or table lamps. For a baby’s gender-reveal party, add subtle pink or blue decorations to your plants, or hide a small sign in a plant and let your guests have fun sleuthing out the new baby’s gender.

Plants add a warm, friendly vibe to any room, and using them as decor is an easy way to explore your creativity and personal style.