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5 Sustainable Decorating Ideas for Outdoors

5 Sustainable Green Outdoor Ideas

Do you love the outdoors and treasure every moment you spend in your backyard or in a shared terrace garden? Searching for ways to create a sustainable outdoor space? Here are some ways to stay green at home, both inside and outdoors.

Choose Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Furniture 

Sustainable means that wood used to make furniture is harvested in a way that aims to minimize the impact on the earth’s forests. Often, trees used are replaced by new seedlings to preserve the area’s natural beauty and local wildlife too. Some harvesters also carefully monitor water quality to make sure the new trees are healthy and lush. The existence of species at risk is taken into account to protect biodiversity and habitats. But how do you know if furniture is really sustainable? Look for items that are FSC-certified. The Forest Stewardship Council is a third-party certifying agency whose entire purpose is to look out for the good of the forest. Enjoy mahogany, pine and other gorgeous woods harvested responsibly.

Go Rustic with Reclaimed Wood

If you want to create an outdoor vibe that’s warm and natural, reclaimed wood is a great way to do it. And at the same time, you’re helping to reduce the amount of trees needed to produce furniture. Some reclaimed wood comes from aged barns or farmhouses, while other pieces were once part of log cabins, floor boards or even fences. Unfinished wood furniture is available and with time develops a rustic patina. But you can also pick out richer colors like deep browns and reds, or choose something painted white.

Industrial Meets Nature

Metal and wood look great together. A thick steel or black iron coffee table paired with reclaimed wood makes bold statement. How do you keep an industrial style eco-friendly? Use recycled metals. Recycled steel furniture is sturdy and can easily be incorporated into rooms of many different styles.

Organic Fabrics

When thinking about the materials that go into your furniture covers, rugs, curtains and other decor, consider the green options like fabrics made with organic fibers. Just like organic produce organic fabrics are produced under strict guidelines. Organic cotton, for example, is produced using fewer chemicals from planting to textile production. This helps to protect the environment, and means fewer chemicals are introduced into your home. If you want to take it a step further, look for products that are Oeko-Tex certified. This is a rigorous standard that tests for the presence of harmful substances like formaldehyde and cadmium. To boot, the certification requirements become stricter the more a product is designed to come into contact with skin.

Recycled Yarn 

Use fabrics made from recycled yarns. Recycled PET threads reduce the amount of plant fibers needed, and in turn help save water and other natural resources. Even some manmade fibers are recycled. Anything made from a recycled material helps the environment and is an easy choice to stay green.