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Five Unconventional Outdoor Porch Decorating Ideas


An outdoor patio can be a beautiful thing! Outdoor spaces are great for relaxing and dining, but you don't have to stick with a traditional furniture arrangement. Check out these fresh ideas and get motivated to breathe new life into your outdoor entertaining space.

A Patio That Works

It's natural to want to put some plants on your patio, but why not put those little green guys to work? Instead of choosing only ornamental plants for your patio, opt for an orchard of fruit trees along with some edible vegetables and flowers suitable for cutting. Whether you choose a climbing rose, bright bougainvillea or a wall of blooming clematis, you can create a beautiful arrangement that lets produces fresh blooms for bouquets. You can also create your own victory garden and use the space to grow green beans, summer squash, tomatoes or raspberries. Choose decorative planters in galvanized metal for an industrial feel or in rustic reclaimed wood for a more earthy look. Then all you have to do is fill them with plants that produce something useful for a multifunctional space that’s beautiful, relaxing and productive.

An Outdoor Living Room

No matter where you live, there are endless ways to maximize your outdoor space and create a relaxing environment to unwind and entertain. Why not create an outdoor living space, complete with comfy outdoor couches and throw pillows? With the right tools, you can create a cozy lounge space with room to relax and gather for social events with one big (and fabulous) twist: it's outside. If you don't have the space for a full built-in fireplace, consider a fire pit or chiminea (it's like a free-standing outdoor fireplace). Use rugs, cozy throws and outdoor drapes to create a relaxing, luxurious feeling so you can enjoy the fresh air and a clear view of the stars above.

A Luxurious Moroccan-Inspired Lounge

Have you ever seen a Moroccan-style tent lounge? These luxurious outdoor spaces use sumptuous fabrics, plenty of floor cushions and low tables to create an on-the-ground lounge where you can relax with drinks and snacks. Use outdoor-friendly fabric to create overhead drapes or leave the space completely open and simply use a variety of different outdoor cushions and pillows to create soft floor seating. Bring in some low tables and moody lanterns to complete the scene and make your outdoor Moroccan-inspired lounge just right. Add some patterned rugs and cushions, add some flameless candles and string lights and enjoy!

An Open-Air Nap Refuge

Some afternoons are so nice you might not want to head inside once the sun sets! If you have outdoor space, it's no sweat to create a cozy outdoor lounge that converts quickly in to an ideal space for stargazing or even sleeping. Place a daybed outside with a weather-proof cushion, or mix it up with a hammock and a couple of pillows.

A Party-Perfect Patio

Add a few tables to instantly change the feel of your outdoor space. Add a tall table in a forgotten corner to create a bar area featuring specialty drinks served in beautiful drink dispensers. Mix and match tables to create a burger bar or a do it yourself sundae station. This allows you to change up your space without too much trouble.