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5 Unconventional Succulent Planter Ideas

5 Unconventional Succulent Planter Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to make succulents part of your home decor. Showcasing these charmingly exotic plants in unconventional planters is both fun and interesting. We've gathered some great ideas to help you create an arrangement that's long lasting and beautiful.

Succulent Care Basics

Succulents are thick, fleshy plants that store water in their leaves. They thrive in dry climates, relying on the stored water and nutrients in their leaves to sustain them during periods of drought. When succulents receive more sunlight than they're used to, they change color. This is referred to as blushing. Blushing colors include pink, orange, red and deep purple.
Because these lush plants flourish in dry conditions, the best containers for succulents are those that offer plenty of drainage. Succulent pots and containers with large drainage holes or several small drainage holes ensure the plant doesn't retain too much moisture. Partially filling your container with soil and planting the succulent so it sits above the rim of the container keeps the water from pooling on top. Succulents that are planted closer together grow slower, maintaining your arrangement's original design longer. If you'd prefer for the succulents to grow faster, giving them a little space will do the trick, and this also makes watering easier. The added airflow between the plants dries the soil faster, which makes for happier succulents.
Here are some unconventional planter ideas that are sure to help your arrangement stand out.


Planting succulents in woven baskets adds to the plants' organic feel and looks perfectly rustic. Whether you're hanging a basket in an outdoor space or layering it into your living room decor, this is a warm, textural way to draw attention to these interesting plants.

Hanging Storage Bins

Planting succulents in a wall-mounted holder such as a letter file bin provides a dramatic look that's sure to be a conversation starter. Rows that showcase one variety of plant provide a uniform look that highlights the planter's design. For a more natural look, consider arranging the plants randomly.


These everyday kitchen tools make excellent vessels for succulents. Colanders offer optimal drainage, and their handles make them easy to suspend indoors and outdoors. Allowing succulents to drape over the edge of the colander provides a natural look that emphasizes the arrangement's fullness and vibrancy – trailing succulents effortlessly cascade over a planter.


Placing succulents inside a lantern offers visual interest and added beauty to these decorative accessories. Removing the glass from the lantern gives the plants more space to grow, too. Plant your succulents in a shallow dish with plenty of drainage holes, and then add it to the lantern. For added visual interest and fun, consider adding a decorative bird to the display.


Growing succulents in a metal birdhouse fits in beautifully outdoors. Trailing succulents hanging from the birdhouse or plants that peek out from a small cage enhance the organic look. Adding flameless candles to the arrangement provides gorgeously glowing nighttime ambience.