5 Ways to Incorporate Gold Decor in Your Home

Gold Decor

Gold is a beautiful decorative accent in any part of your home. You don’t need to gild everything in sight to get a gorgeously glittering look – unless you want to! Even simple touches here and there can create just the right sparkle. From the bedroom to the kitchen, these gold room decor ideas from us at Pottery Barn offer a way to make your house feel even more lavish and grand.

Create a Glitzy Gallery

While gilded frames are an easy option, you can take your gold wall decor ideas even further by choosing artwork that uses gold as its primary palette. Standalone metallic prints can be a fun addition to an eclectic gallery wall, or you can curate the artwork for a specific room where each piece features a flash of metallic. While there are plenty of gold artwork options to choose from, the all-gold gallery wall approach offers the perfect opportunity for a DIY art project. Use gold acrylic paint to sketch out whimsical shapes, bold geometric forms or inspirational quotes to make your home decor more luxe. If you have a set of wall sculptures that you feel could use a little makeover, consider gold decor ideas like gilding them with gold spray paint or spraying them white and using real gold leaf to emphasize details.

Accessorize Your Spaces

When you wear jewelry, chances are that the pieces you wear aren’t taking up a lot of real estate. For people who follow the sage advice to remove one piece of jewelry before leaving the house, the point isn’t to style an outfit so the jewelry completely takes over. The same principle can apply for gold home decor as well. Rather than choosing many bold metallic statements, choose subtle accents here and there, that add something special. Gold bedroom decor can come in unexpected place, like drawer knobs or pulls on dressers and bedside tables.

In the living room, small touches of gold can make a big impact. Bold, modern sofas designed with exposed metallic frames can look particularly beautiful in gold or brass. Sofas and accent chairs with exposed legs in a neutral wooden finish can get a touch of metallic shine with carefully applied gold paint around their wood detailing.Gold thread, beading, sequins and other accents can make elegant additions to throw pillows and blankets.

Go for the (Subtle) Gold

Not a fan of high-shine gold? Make gold the dominant metallic shade in your home by choosing gold-toned finishes and metals such as brass. Opting for a chandelier with an aged brass rather than oiled bronze finish, for example, brings the warm gold look you want in a subtler form.