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6 Cute and Creative Easter Basket Ideas 

Easter Basket Ideas


Make a springtime soiree a splendid success with these Easter egg basket ideas from Pottery Barn. These ideas provide plenty of inspiration that you can use to create amazing baskets for your whole family. Even your pets can get in on the fun with a cat- or dog-focused collection of holiday treats. Whether you’re making them for kids or grown-ups, Easter baskets are a wonderful surprise that embraces springtime themes of renewal, fresh colors and natural beauty. Consider crafting one or more of these creative Easter baskets to make your holiday extra special this year.

Flower Power Basket

Easter ideas bloom with springtime colors and nature motifs, and you can bring their beauty into your basket by using faux or real flowers for decorative embellishments. Using materials including floral wire and scissors, create a flower crown around your basket’s rim to add a sweet finish to a lovely gift. You can also wrap the wire stems of the faux flowers around the basket handle to create even more floral flair. Flowers such as daffodils, tulips and daisies are all great choices, and they’re easy to find in both fresh and silk forms.

Beautiful Ombre Basket

Ombre makes a great choice for an Easter basket design that’s all about colors. Choose a favorite hue and assemble some basket filler items to match, and then decorate your basket to fit the theme. Traditional seasonal colors such as pastel blue, yellow, pink and green are great choices, and you might choose to paint the basket a single shade of your color or give the basket itself a color gradient effect. Items such as stuffed animals, colorfully wrapped candy and simple toys are likely available in your color shade, and you can arrange them from light to dark to carry the ombre effect throughout the whole basket.

6 Cute and Creative Easter Basket Ideas

Majestic Metallic Basket

Metallics add a little touch of glamour and sparkle to everything – including Easter baskets! You can make your Easter egg basket extra bright this year by focusing on the shiniest options. From foil-wrapped candy to glittery eggs, there are plenty of great additions to your basket. Jewelry is also a great choice if you want to get a little fancy. You can even make the basket itself chic and shimmery with a coat of metallic spray paint in a color such as copper or rose gold. This is a great basket idea for an older child or young adult who’s still all in for the springtime basket tradition.

Springtime Garden Basket

Not all Easter baskets are for kids! If you know an avid gardener who relishes the arrival of spring every year, you can show your admiration with a garden-themed Easter basket. There are lots of great options to include, from seed packets and bulbs to gardening gloves and tools. Gardening books and magazines are also fantastic basket filler choices. If you choose to include seeds or plant starts, make sure they grow well in your region. Your favorite gardeners will feel inspired to get out and plant after getting a sweet basket like this.

Pop of Color Basket

You can give your basket fillers the opportunity to really stand out by using a simple white basket as your container and going from there. Try using a neutral-colored material such as fabric or straw to provide some “bedding” inside the basket, and then build up with bright color from there. You can choose just a few bright color pops to fill in, depending on what items you select, and stick with white or neutral colors for other items. If you’re wondering what to use, you might start with a few brightly colored plastic eggs filled with candy.

Puppy or Kitty Basket

Most ideas for Easter baskets focus on human recipients, but what about your four-legged friends and family members? A pet basket can make a fantastic gift for an Easter party host with a dog or cat or your own best furry pal. You can include some yummy treats along with toys and handy supplies such as all-natural shampoo or a food puzzle. If you know the resident pet likes wearing accessories, gift some Easter cuteness and include some pet-sized bunny ears in the mix of basket items.