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7 Stylish Bedside Table

Decor Ideas

7 Stylish Bedside Table Decor Ideas

Create a dreamy sanctuary that you’ll love coming home to with thoughtfully decorated side tables.  Whether you’re aiming for minimal symmetry or something more eclectic, we at Pottery Barn are here to help you create your ideal bedroom retreat.                           

Vertical Space

Free up floor space with vertical storage that adds character and functionality to your room. If you have a small room, add bookcases that can double as side tables and storage without sacrificing valuable floor space. In addition to providing a space for your favorite novels and photos, add bins and baskets to keep things organized.

Take Some Time Off

Alarm clocks are a necessity in any bedroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. Choose from an array of gorgeous clocks that express your personality. Go for a rustic look with galvanized metal and burnished bronze clocks, or opt for a modern, sleek design with mother-of-pearl and pendant clocks. Add old European elegance with Roman numerals, or go for simplicity with traditionally numbered clocks. Lean clocks on your bedside table for a casual look, or mount them above the table for a more put-together look.

Mirror, Mirror on the Table

Reflect your personal style and create dimensional shine with mirrors on your bedside table. Mirrors are a great choice for making small spaces seem larger, as they reflect light and add an airy touch. Use a flat mirror and place it level on your bedside table. Build around it with other pieces of decor, including candles and vases. Choose a wall mirror to hang directly above your bedside table, so you can easily get ready in the morning. Opt for seashell mirrors to complete a beach-themed retreat, or go for tin and tile for a modern look.


Prepare to face the day in style by creating a dreamy boudoir where you can get ready every morning without having to flit from room to room.  Turn your bedside table into a vanity by adding a wall mirror and choosing a side table that features drawers for extra storage. Use drawers to store hair brushes, makeup and perfume. Add accessory boxes to conveniently store jewelry and watches in one easy-to-access place.

Creative Lighting

Illuminate even the darkest bedroom spaces with creative lighting that adds a twinkle to your space. Use candles and lanterns to create symmetry, or mix and match styles for an eclectic look. Adorn your side table with candles of varying heights, and similar textures and colors to maintain a cohesive look. Add a pinch of whimsical romance with string lights.

Flat Storage

Bedside tables are an ideal place for your most-used items - including phones, watches, remotes and reading materials. This makes it important to keep organization in mind when finessing your bedside tables. Opt for decorative trays that double as a style statement and can serve as a catch-all for small trinkets. Choose from round, oval and square trays to fit your table dimensions, but don’t be afraid to mix up shapes! Add an industrial touch with metals, or go rustic with wood finishes.

Get Artsy

Let your personality shine through your bedside tables by adding stunning pieces of art. From towering mountains to sprawling meadows, choose beautiful framed prints of your favorite natural landscapes. Go with framed prints for a more polished look. For a symmetrical look, pair two similar artworks directly over your bedside tables. For continuity, pair different artwork featuring similar themes or colors. If you have already mixed and matched several pieces, go for symmetry.