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7 Travel Essentials for the Summer Jetsetter

7 Travel Essentials for the Summer Jetsetter

Are you, or someone you know, an avid traveler? Does the idea of planning a great summer trip, or even just throwing a dart at the map and jumping in the car, get you excited? From the experienced traveler to the beginner explorer, we at Pottery Barn have put together our own list of must have, handy traveling essentials. After all, isn’t planning for the trip half the fun?

1. Luggage

Luggage is a key travel essential, and it’s important to recognize the right tool for the job. Consider your trip itinerary and how you will be traveling from place to place; then select luggage that is the right shape and size to get the job done. Going to be traveling in mostly city conditions? Consider a rolling bag. Heading outdoors for some more rugged travel? Perhaps a backpack or daypack is in order. For very short trips – or brief day excursions away from the hotel – you can always look at totes and weekenders. No matter what style of luggage you choose, consider upgrading the identity tag from simple paper to monogramed leather.

2. Cosmetic Cases

We understand when you travel a great deal, it’s sometimes nice to have higher-quality travel accessories. These make great gifts for the frequent flyer on your list too. Find a collection of cosmetic bags and toiletry cases that suit your taste, and get ready to travel in organized style.

3. Accessory Cases

When you travel, you have to carry a lot of different accessories like sunglasses, maps, passports and paperwork. Having a few quality accessory cases along for the ride will make life that much easier. When you travel frequently, nice cases that you enjoy carrying and looking at can make your trip that much more enjoyable.

4. Camera

Yes, you already have a phone which is an excellent way to capture and share “here I am!”-type photos. But a higher-pixilated, dedicated camera can generally provide better quality images.  Also, the controls on a dedicated camera make capturing those great photos a quick and easy process. A dedicated camera also provides more lens options. When you put a great deal of effort, time and money into a memorable trip, shouldn’t you also put a little extra effort into bringing home the best memories you can?  If getting those great photos onto social media is important to you, consider using a simple phone card reader adapter to quickly transfer images from your camera to your mobile device.  

5. Weather Radio and Outdoor Essentials

There is a whole set of other necessities for more adventurous travelers, like campers and hikers, who may be venturing out away from cell signals. For these folks, a battery-, solar- or hand-crank-powered NOAA weather radio can be a literal lifesaver - or at the very least, a help-us-not-get-soaked-in-the-rain-saver. In addition to AM and FM entertainment, weather radios like these can be reliable in a variety of conditions and provide up-to-the-minute local radio reports. Some solar or crank-powered models can even partially charge your cell phone in a pinch. When heading out into the wilderness - or even just the state park - remember sunscreen, insect repellent, hats and sunglasses. Being comfortable outdoors makes the trip more fun, and more comfortable.

6. Pet Travel Supplies

Planning on taking the pooch along for the ride? It’s a great idea provided you keep a few dog-travel tips in mind. First, get your dog used to traveling in the car before the trip begins to cut down on travel anxiety. Just a few trips to the dog park and back will help your pup connect driving with fun. Finally, research your planned route and destination beforehand to be sure that your dog meets any required travel laws.

7. Device Chargers

Lastly, don’t forget the cords and chargers for your various devices (including car-adapters). Chances are you're going to want uninterrupted access to your phone, tablet, e-reader or laptop.