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Crafty Christmas Gifts to Make For Your Family and Friends

Crafty Christmas Gifts to Make For Your Family and Friends

As you plan your holiday gift list, consider creating some crafty Christmas presents that show much you care. These lovingly crafted items are sure to delight your closest friends and loved ones. As an added bonus, you’ll spend a lovely afternoon listening to holiday tunes and getting into the spirit of the season while creating these treasured crafts for Christmas gifts.

Heartwarming Hot Chocolate Mix

Hot chocolate mix is super simple to whip up from scratch, so it’s a great choice for crafters of all skill levels. Just sift together 1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 cups of powdered milk, 2 cups of powdered sugar and a pinch of salt. Pour some of the mixture into a jar, top it off with marshmallows and finish the gift with a festive bow. You can gift the hot chocolate along with a stylish seasonal mug to create a complete gift.

Decadently Decorated Sugar Cookies

This is one you can get your whole family in on, which is a particularly great idea if you want to create a token of appreciation for your kids’ teachers. Whether you’re using a store bought mix or starting from scratch to create sugar cookie dough, roll it out into a thin sheet. Then cut out shaped cookies with cookie cutters, bake and let cool. Once they’re at room temperature, you can go all out and decorate them with metallic sugar pearl beads, colored icing and small bits of candy. Let the icing set, then place the cookies on a holiday plate.

Magical Mulling Spices

Mulled wine is a delicious winter classic and such a breeze to make. Mix together 2 tablespoons dried orange pith, 3 cinnamon sticks, 5 black peppercorns, 3 cardamom pods, and 1 teaspoon whole cloves. Present the mulling spices with instructions in a decorative jar, and make the gift more substantial and thoughtful by including accessories such as a bottle of wine or apple cider and a set of mugs or handled cocktail glasses.

Dip-Dyed Throw Pillows

Dip dyeing is quick and easy, and it results in a totally on-trend accessory for the home. Get a light-colored cotton or other natural-fiber throw pillow cover and some fabric dye in a color of your choice, then set up your dyeing area in a place that’s protected from spills. You’ll need simple, inexpensive supplies like a shallow tub and some clothespins and a dowel to help keep your pillow cover in place while each layer of the gradient soaks in the dye. Gradually, giving each layer of color plenty of time to set, lower a small portion of your pillow cover into the dye bath to create a color gradient that goes from dark to light. Wash the pillow cover according to the dye’s instructions and fill with a luxe feather pillow insert.