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4 Ways to
Decorate with Baskets

Baskets are a simple way to add beauty and organization to your home. Pottery Barn has a large selection of baskets, including utility baskets and lidded baskets, in a variety of natural colors to add to your home. You can use them however you wish, but we’ve put together four ways to make your baskets stand out.

1. Create Category Tags

Having several identical baskets to store your items help keep the room clean and organized. However, once everything is put away, remembering where you put everything can be difficult. Brass tags are a decorative way to add labels to your baskets. They have a simple and tasteful design so that you can still enjoy the baskets’ clean look. Add labels to the tags and secure them to the basket using a brass keyring.

2. Use Address Numbers for Style and Function

If the natural look of a basket is too plain, add a small graphic element to the front to give it a modern look. Address numbers are both decorative and functional. You can use the numbers to help identify the baskets and locate the items that you need. Installing them is simple. Decide where you want the number to go and then secure it in place with a screw, nut and washer. If you plan to stack the baskets, add furniture pads to the bottom of each basket to make sliding it in and out easy.

3. Personalize Your Baskets

Give each member of the family his own basket and then personalize the front to keep them separate. This is a simple way to keep everything organized and to beautify your home. Attach blank metal faceplates to the front of each basket in the center, and then write a name tag or note and hold it in place with a magnet. Each member of the family can personalize the basket in his own way. It’s also simple to change the labels if needed.

4. Stencil a Custom Design on Your Baskets

Stenciling allows you to add a bit of creativity to baskets. Lining up painted baskets creates a beautiful scene to go along with the rest of the decor in the room. Simply create a stencil in the shape or design that you desire. Using a stippling brush, dab the paint onto the basket following the outline of the stencil. Use the same colors and shapes on each basket, but be creative with the placement of each shape.