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How to
Choose a Wall Color in the Bathroom

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is the most purely functional room in the house. Once the plumbing and fixtures are in place, people often forget it deserves the same decorating attention as any other room. Color is an easy update and can effortlessly make the room warmer and more appealing.


Creams and
warm whites
are flattering
options in
a bathroom.


The expansive power of white is put to good use in small bathrooms. When paired with white fixtures, white paint makes even more of the small space. Mixing warm creams in the trim and wall color establishes a comforting, gentle palette that softens the light and complements skin tones.

Among neutrals, gray is a sophisticated option that picks up on chrome and nickel finishes and highlights the shapeliness of white fixtures, flattering all. Pewter gray walls feel luxurious and classic, producing a restful mood perfect for a candlelit soak.


Like air and water, mineral blues and green-blues automatically refresh, while their powdery colors echo the hazy beach in early morning. Bathe the walls in a cool elemental shade, use mirrors to multiply the natural light, and introduce weathered wood tones to create a natural, spa–like atmosphere.

Warm, sandy yellows pair well with wood, wicker and other natural materials often used in the bathroom, with the added bonus that they enhance skin tones. Muted, honeyed golds glow softly all day long; at night, with low–level lighting, they become even more relaxing and enveloping.

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