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How to

Choose the Right

Organic Bath Linens

How to Choose the Right Organic Bath Linens

Pamper, rinse, repeat. With so many styles and colors to choose from, it’s great fun to shop for new bath linens. Picking out the right towels, shower curtains and bath mats can also take an eco-conscious turn when you focus your search on organic options. Organic cotton is widely available, and there are more options than ever when it comes to organic bath linens. If you’re considering switching from conventional to organic in your bathroom, we’re here to help make the shopping process as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

What’s Right for You?

Before you start looking at specific products, think about your current bathroom arrangement. Are you looking to replace all of your bath linens or do you simply want to get a few new towels? Organic shower curtains, bath mats, bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths are all available, often in matching colors, textures and patterns. If you like having a well-coordinated bathroom, you may want to keep your eye out for matching sets of organic bath linens. If you want a few new towels to spruce things up, you might not need to focus on finding a full set of linens.

Weigh Your Options

Some eco-friendly bath linens, particularly organic bath towels, include a gram weight measurement somewhere in their product description. Similar to thread count for bedsheets, gram weight measures how dense and comfortable your towels feel. Heavier gram weight towels are generally plusher and more absorbent, making them a great choice for daily use, though they can take longer to dry. Lower gram weight options make great beach towels and can also be a wise choice if you prefer a lighter-weight towel that dries quickly. In general, any option with a gram weight of 600 or higher is considered a heavyweight towel.

Try Something New

Eco-friendly products are often fabricated with new technologies, and organic bath linens are no exception! Some of these towels and bath mats use materials such as organic hydrocotton, a specially woven type of cotton toweling fabric that updates traditional terrycloth to allow for greater water absorption – meaning you’ll dry off faster while still feeling the same familiar comfort of a fluffy cotton towel. If you see some new product innovations such as this among the organic towels and rugs in front of you, feel free to take the plunge and try out something new.

Tantalizing Textures

Many organic bath linens offer several different texture options that you can consider in your selection process. If you’ve always stuck with classic smooth-textured shower curtains, towels and bath mats, now might be the ideal time to bring in some new textures. You can find everything from inviting waffle weave to beautiful sculpted botanical patterns to add more depth and luxury to your collection of bath linens. Textures are a great way of introducing some visual variety while keeping your color scheme simple, so this is a good option if you like to keep your bathroom decor similar.

Pick Your Patterns

If you’d like to bring more visual variety into your bathroom decor, there are plenty of organic bath linens to consider. From simple accent-embroidered towels to ornately patterned shower curtains, there’s no shortage of decorative power available in organic bath linens. You can give your bathroom a quality and style refresh by bringing in some patterned or embellished organic cotton linens. If your bathroom has a simpler color scheme with white tile and a minimalist sink console style, consider using a variety of different colors to bring in accent pops that make a big impact.

Make It Official

A lot of organic products offer more specific information about how they earn their eco-friendly stripes, and bath linens are no exception. If you’re trying to be as environmentally conscious as possible when you shop, look for certifications and credentials in addition to the “organic” label. Oeko-Tex® is just one example of an independent organization that provides oversight and credentialing for organic farming. Cotton grown to this standard embraces a variety of different points of sustainability in addition to the use of organic pesticides, and textiles that meet Oeko-Tex® criteria have been tested from start to finish to ensure there are no harmful substances present in the fabric. The result? Comfy, cozy, absorbent towels you can feel great about.