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How to
Create Easy Holiday Centerpieces

Easy holiday centerpieces are a way to show off your eye for design without much work. And by building your own, you can customize it to your space and style. Whether you want to add interest to a formal dining table or a casual kitchen nook, here’s how to combine texture, light, color and foliage to work some fa-la-la into your tabletop.

Start by determining how big you want your centerpiece to be. Centerpieces should by styled in a way that is space-sensitive and come below eye level when you sit down, so that they don’t obstruct views. (Tall centerpieces tend to live best on buffet tables.) Then, take stock of your materials. 

When it comes to easy holiday centerpieces, it’s all about lit decor. Get little shimmer and shine on your surfaces by piecing together mercury glass, sparkling trees and flameless candles. Mix in metallic pillar candles that create and reflect light. A little faux snow also goes a long way here. Sprinkle some wintry wonderment in or around your festive centerpiece, but be sparing at first – it’s easier to add more than it is to take it away.

If your style isn’t super sparkly, take a more classic route. Faux snow and vintage ornaments can be placed inside glass hurricanes or displayed on a pretty platter. You can also repurpose any leftover evergreen branches from your trimmed tree by tucking them into the display.  

Woodland-inspired materials are also always welcome in holiday centerpieces. Pinecones, acorns and boughs of holly can live in glass vases or be placed around pillar candles for a casual, easy, rustic vibe.