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How to Deep Clean Your Rooms

Deep Clean Rooms

Whether your spring cleaning or just feeling like a refresh is in order, a deep clean is well worth it. The best time to deep clean a room is when the natural light is streaming into your space so you can see every spec of dust floating in the air and on surfaces, as well as drips from spills, anything on the floor and any smudges on windows and mirrors. Focus on removing all the dust and debris that have built up in areas that you don’t regularly clean, like corners, baseboards and tops of shelves. Besides kick-starting allergies and asthma, dust buildup can sometimes result in an off-putting odor. We love a good deep cleaning because it keeps the room looking crisp and feeling fresh. Here’s the basics of how to properly clean a room. 

Shelves and Storage

Even if your room is neat, uncluttered and well organized, dormant dust hiding underneath items needs to go. Move things off shelves and out from under the bed to dust, sweep and vacuum every nook and cranny. Use cotton swabs to get into the cracks of desk drawers and dressers, where lines of dirt and lint will accumulate over time.

Bedding and Linens

When giving your bed a deep clean, take over-sized bedding, such as comforters and duvets, to the dry cleaner or a laundromat that has large, professional machines. (They can handle the weight and size of your items.) Next, tackle pillows on your bed and around the house. Depending on the recommended care, wash or dry clean your covers and pillow inserts. (Always dry clean down inserts, or look for machine-washable synthetics.) 

Walls and Wall Decor

Grab a cloth and wipe down curtain rods and door frames, and clean the tops of paintings, frames and mirrors – which always collect layers of dust. Gently wipe down glass and unprotected colorful canvas prints. Use gentle movements with a dry cloth (don’t wet it, in order to protect your art and avoid streaks). Clean the walls, and especially the corners of the room where they meet the ceiling. (This is a hotspot for cobwebs.)

Floors and Flooring

Here’s where deep cleaning really counts. Go one room at a time and sit or kneel on a towel, cushion or kneeling pad. In the kitchen, scrub the cabinet toe kicks, and bottoms and backs of your appliances. Don’t forget the molding and trim, and eliminate whatever’s underneath the baseboard heating units. While down on a hardwood floor, scrape out dirt from the floorboard gaps using a putty knife or another safe item that gets into the grooves. You’ll want to vacuum and/or steam clean fine, handcrafted or machine-made rugs, or take them to a professional cleaner.

In your bathroom, kneel down on the floor to get under and behind your toilet, under the sink and under every piece of furniture. You’ll need a lot of cotton swabs, cleaning eraser blocks, and paper towels or rags to get the job of deep cleaning done. 

Deep cleaning is all about the details, but if done right, your house will have never shined so bright or smelled so good!