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Easy Tips for Hosting an

Olive Oil Tasting

Easy Tips for Hosting an Olive Oil Tasting

Vibrant and green or earthy with a peppery kick – there’s a whole world of olive oils out there and we’re on a mission to taste them all. Get your friends and family in on the fun and host your very own olive oil tasting party.

Ultra-proper or Totally Casual – It’s Up to You!

Technically, the proper way to taste olive oil involves pouring a small sample – usually  about a teaspoon – into a glass or a small cup so you can easily take note of the oil’s unique aroma and experience the flavor, totally unadulterated.

If you’re a little short on glassware to ensure every taster has a new cup or bowl for each oil, don’t sweat it. Serve the olive oil in individually labeled ramekins with small pieces of bread for dipping. It’s up to you to decide if you want to be ultra-proper or more relaxed about it.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

Whether you’ll be providing all the oils or you’re organizing the event potluck-style so guests can contribute also, try and ensure there are a few different options for tasting. You can keep things interesting by serving the oils in groups. For example: one table is reserved for oils of an Italian varietal, while another table is just for oils that cost under $10.

Don’t forget to take notes, either. In tasting different kinds of olive oil, you’ll likely learn what characteristics you appreciate most and so will your guests. Feel free to serve each oil with a small write-up of where it comes from and what qualities it’s prized for. Then provide pen and paper for your guests to write down their own notes and see how they compare.

Surprise Yourself (And Your Guests!)

Sure, expensive olive oils can be totally amazing to try, but it’s always nice to know when a more affordable choice has exceptional flavor. To keep things interesting and see where the real knock-outs are, try keeping things confidential. Instead of setting out olive oils in their bottles, serve them in numbered bowls – and keep the bottles out of sight. Taste them, take notes and learn if that pricey bottle is really worth the extra cash.