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How to
Make Your Home

Family Friendly

Make Your Home Family Friendly

Whether you’re planning ahead for your future family or you want to make sure you’re ready for holiday visitors, it’s great to feel like your home is always ready to welcome guests of all ages. Family-friendly home design takes more than just keeping bar accessories away from tiny hands. To be sure, childproofing is important, but the real challenge is creating multi-functional spaces that everyone can enjoy together.

First things first: let’s make sure the entryway is all set up to welcome your guests. Have a quick de-clutter session and make some space for guests to set down their coats, gloves and bags. You can even add a couple of extra hooks and storage accessories lower down on the wall so little guests can feel just like the grown-ups.

Truly family-friendly homes have space for the entire family to hang out as a group, including adults, the kids and even pets. It’s not just about creating separate spaces for kids and adults with no room for spending time together. Making communal areas such as the dining room, kitchen and living room as comfortable and kid-friendly is key to creating an environment for fun times spent together. Large sectional sofas give everyone room to spread out, while dining room tables with extending leaves allow everyone to gather around for a memorable meal.

To really kick the family togetherness time up a notch, a special game room can be a great way to spend time together. Transform extra space in your home can transform into a hub of activity and interest with the help of a kid-friendly magnetic dart board, foosball table or pool table. If you don’t have a ton of extra space to spare, you can create the same feel just by setting out a few board games and a deck of cards to keep kids entertained.

You can also create a family-friendly space outdoors for the whole family to enjoy with just a couple of quick additions. Set a fun, festive tone with a few throw pillows and swap the paper plates for reusable, shatter resistant dinnerware that’s also eco-friendly.