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How to Make the Most

Out of Your Hutch

How to Make the Most Out of Your Hutch

Your hutch should be the showstopper of storage furniture! Whether you have open or glass-enclosed shelves in the different sections of your hutch or you open it up to reveal special treasures, you can turn this piece into an artful display where you can’t wait to arrange your favorite mementos. The special items you choose for the hutch display become part of your room’s unique decor, just like the hutch itself. Ready to highlight your hutch in a fresh, fun way? Let’s get started!

Think About Function

With a timeless, traditional hutch, one easy way to start curating what’s inside is to think about the room where you’re using the piece, whether it’s the dining room, the bedroom or another room in your home. This can help guide you with your storage if you’re unsure where to start. Making the most of your dining room hutch means you might want to enjoy the functionality of its storage capabilities in your eating and entertaining areas. Start by creating stacks of matching and coordinating plates, stemware and serving pieces arranged on the hutch shelves. They’ll look great and keep your dinnerware close to your eating and entertaining areas for easy serving! Being able to reach up and grab dishes from the hutch as you set the table is a great time saver when you’re entertaining, too. If you’ve chosen dishes and serving pieces you love, they’re be on standby making a statement on the table and inside the hutch. How easy is that?

Choose a Hutch Theme

We love hutches because they’re timeless and endlessly versatile. Have some fun with your hutch by picking a theme for the items you place on the shelves. Have a favorite dinnerware collection? Put it on display and see how it looks with everything grouped together and don’t be afraid to add in other pieces (like candlesticks or small catchall boxes) to add extra dimension. There are no rules for what you put into the piece of furniture, but a theme can definitely help you get started. Your theme can be as simple as choosing a variety of round items or antique toys. Whether your hutch is located in an entryway or a bedroom, you can display items that represent your alma mater, your favorite color or your collection of family heirlooms. You can even include trophies, flowers and small framed photos or prints that coordinate with the other items in your theme. 

Dress Up the Bedroom

For hutch decor ideas in a bedroom, choose artful items and mementos that pick up one or more colors or shapes from your bedding, area rug or drapery. This can draw your eye to the hutch and help you create another focal point in the room. This is a great way to display items that you love having around. A few small framed pictures scattered on shelves echo the theme of a much larger framed print you’ve leaned on one of the taller shelves. You can also mirror geometric designs on rugs or pillows with fabric, loose tiles or ceramics on the hutch shelves that pick up the same patterns and colors.

Divide the Spaces Visually

Whether you’re putting dinnerware or decor items in the hutch, a great tip to get you started is to look at all of your hutch shelf space as one blank canvas. You can divide the “canvas” into smaller, uniform-sized decorating segments to create differently decorated “zones.” Depending on the size of the segments, you can create individual vignettes that are as cohesive or as different as you desire. Repeat shapes, colors and sizes throughout the various displays to tie them together, or try a different theme on each shelf for some variety. 

Show Off Your Cred in the Office

An office hutch is a great place to display any degrees, diplomas, credentials and favorite books along with your other office furnishings. Awards, commendations and photos look great in an office hutch. Additional ideas for decor in an office setting include small antique tools from your trade, clocks, leather-bound books and memento boxes.