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How to

Pair a Patterned Rug

with Your Furniture

How to Pair a Patterned Rug with Your Furniture

Love gorgeous detail and patterns in your space? A colorful patterned rug is a great way to inject vivid texture into any room in your home. Invest in quality – this rug might just become something you want to hold onto for years and pass down through the family. No matter which style of patterned rug you choose, let it take center stage in your home so it feels more relaxing and beautiful than ever.

Keep It in the Color Family

Looking for an easy way to incorporate a new patterned rug? Let’s say the one you have your heart set on is blue and beige. One easy way to bring your design full circle is to add in furniture in those same color families. You could opt for a blue microfiber sofa and a deep chestnut or espresso wood accent tables. Go for a lamp that with a neutral-colored base and a blue shade – or vice versa. Then, hang art from the same color family as your rug and your furniture for a more mellow feel. To liven things up, choose art and decorative accents in bright, lively accent colors.

Be Bold

Let’s be honest: it’s your home so you should decorate it how you want! There’s no pressure to match everything in the room or stick to just one aesthetic. Feel free to pick a patterned rug in any print and color scheme that speaks to you and everything else will fall into place. For example, a deep red and brown rug pairs well with a neutral chair – but throwing a bright gold or orange throw pillow on the chair is a delightful addition. This adds a bit of joyful fun to the room.

Timeless Neutrals

A neutral color palette will never go out of style so sticking to crisp whites, ivory, beiges, browns and greys is always a safe bet. Over time, you can switch up your look with decorative accents in lively colors, and this is especially true for patterned rugs. If you’re placing your rug on hardwood floors, you’re already halfway there; the neutral tone of the flooring can provide a great backdrop for just about any style. You can also add side tables and small pieces of furniture in accent colors and materials (think brass, mercury glass or chrome) to keep things feeling fresh.

Monochromatic Magic

We’ll be honest – we love a good monochromatic look. Something about it feels relaxing and focused. So when shopping for a great patterned rug, you can create a monochromatic look by picking a pattern with shades of your signature color. This will add textural interest and dimension to your room, making it feel luxe and effortlessly elegant.

Mix, Match & Make It Yours

Mixing bold colors with patterns and more patterns can supercharge a room and make it feel exciting! For example, imagine you have a beautiful oriental-style rug paired with a solid-colored sofa. Feel free to add an embroidered throw pillow and patterned throw blanket to the mix! Top it off with art pieces you love and other decorative items. No one will be able to deny the look you’ve created is uniquely your own!