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How to Set a Spring Table

How to Set a Spring Table

Spring has sprung, and this lovely season brings with it plenty of inspiration for entertaining and decorating! From hanging banners to tabletop centerpieces and beyond, this is a season that looks just as great inside your home as it does while the plants start blooming outside. This year, you can bring spring to the table in more ways than one by serving fresh seasonal delights in a stylish springtime setting. Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or a dinner feast or you love changing the look of your table for a weeknight meal, take a look at these spring table decorating possibilities to set your creative wheels in motion.

Lay Your Foundation


Decorating your table is easy when you start from the bottom up – layering is a great way to switch things out and add new decorations. Begin by selecting a tablecloth that fits with the theme and mood you’re going for. If you want to throw a traditional spring event, consider using a vintage white lace tablecloth. For a casual-cool gathering, a tablecloth printed or embroidered with bunnies or spring produce can be just the right fit. Even a simple table runner in a fresh pastel color can give your table some extra seasonal polish to tie your dining presentation together in a polished way.

Flowers Taking Center Stage

It’s easy to imagine spring table decorations that take advantage of the season’s prettiest natural feature: flowers! Whether you go for a giant flower arrangement in a large vase at the center, a fresh garland winding its way across the table or a small bouquet at each place setting, your spring table looks lively and welcome with some floral accompaniments. There are so many different ways to approach a spring flower centerpiece for your dining table, and there’s really no limit to what you add. Even a simple Mason jar filled with blossoms cut from your own garden imparts some sweet ambience.

Though your arrangement can be as simple as a vase filled with daffodils, you can also make a bigger impact with a more dramatic setup. Consider using multiple vases to display a large collection of different blossoms to pack some blossoming oomph onto the table.

Delightful Dining

You can continue your floral theme or embrace soft spring pastels with your dinnerware. From classic floral china patterns to bold modern prints, it’s easy to bring a sense of springtime garden freshness onto your table by choosing dinnerware you love. If you plan to use a lot of flowers and patterns to decorate the rest of the table, you may want to stick with simple solid-color dinnerware, perhaps with a decorative charger plate or placemat to create a design anchor. Whatever dinnerware you choose, you can make your table feel more springtime celebratory by thinking light and bright.

Set Each Place

With your tableware all sorted out, you can start thinking about how you want each place setting to look. Are you planning on setting out place cards? Are you serving your meal buffet style or as a multi-course plated dinner? Does your main course require any special silverware such as a steak knife or seafood fork? Thinking about these elements is a helpful way to ensure your table is functional and stylish.

After you get your functional bases covered, think about the style of your place-settings. Cloth napkins in decorative seasonal napkin rings make a fantastic addition to any place setting. For formal multi-course meals, you might set up each piece of silverware flanking your dinnerware. For a more casual meal, it’s simple to wrap the utensils inside the napkin or simply placed on top.

Fabulous Finishing Touches

You have all your foundations worked out, and that’s great! There’s always more room to add finishing touches you love that brighten up the table even more. Some other ideas include adding a few floating candles and at each place setting. And, remember any little details you want to incorporate, like salt and pepper shakers, condiment bowls and wine chillers. You may also want to provide a carafe or two of chilled ice water so it’s easy for guests to keep their water glasses full.