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How to
Throw a Margarita Party

When it’s sunny outside and the heat is on, nothing satisfies thirst like the icy, citrusy kick of a margarita. Because it’s a drink based on tequila, we wanted to rethink this familiar spirit. Derived from the Blue Agave plant native to Mexico, tequila has every bit of nuance as a fine wine or single–malt scotch. And throwing a margarita party is a great way to acquaint yourself and guests with a variety of premium tequilas. A bottle of tequila goes far, making it an affordable way to entertain, especially when you consider the natural accompaniments like chips, salsa, guacamole and ceviché. You’ll be surprised by all the characteristics of tequila there are to talk about — appearance, aroma, color, taste and finish — and you’ll come away from the event with a deeper appreciation for an alcohol that deserves to be savored. Once guests have spent some time tasting tequilas, offer to start mixing up margaritas. No matter what tequila they choose for their margarita, combined with the sweet and piquant citrus mix of lime juice and salt, this icy libation is a cool foil for the warmth of the day — and the tequila.


Setting Up

Cut all of your fruit and garnishes in advance, store in covered containers and group together with the other ingredients in each margarita at your bar station. Dipping fruits that brown in a mild solution of lemon juice and water will keep them looking fresh.

Put pouring spouts on all liquor and mixer bottles. Designate one cocktail shaker for each drink recipe that requires one. It’s helpful not to mix jiggers or stirring spoons as well. Always have a quality bar– or kitchen–towel on hand for quick clean up.

Print drink recipes on 4 x 6″ cardstock and display in frames at your bar station. That way, guests can mix their own margaritas once the party is in full swing.

Set up several water or non–alcoholic Auga Fresca stations a glass drink dispenser with goblets nearby for easy self–service. It’s helpful to elevate the dispenser so glasses fit easily under the spout.

Create a music playlist ahead of time that will help set the mood during the party, and serve casual fare like salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole and ceviché. Pair with several types of chips, warm tortillas or taquitos.

Bar Essentials

Margarita Glasses — These large–bowled, stemmed glasses are essential for enjoying the true margarita experience. In Mexico, margaritas are served in glasses similar to double old–fashioned glasses.

Pitchers — Used to accommodate large batches of margaritas. It is recommended that there be one pitcher for each type of margarita being served.

Cocktail Shaker — An essential tool for the classic margarita, used to blend and chill ingredients before pouring into a margarita glass.

Jigger — Used for accurately measuring liquor for beverages.

Ice Bucket — Keep plenty of ice at hand for margaritas on the rocks.

Salt Dipper — Salt the rims of the glasses before pouring the margaritas. Run a lime wedge or two around the rims, then dip the moistened rims into kosher salt. You can also dip only half the rim in salt to allow guests to taste with and without salt. Pour to just under the salt rim so that the salt doesn’t get into the drink prior to drinking.

Garnish Bowls — Add the final touch of a fresh Persian lime wedge, strawberry or other garnish to your beverage after salting the rim. Have bowls stocked with enough garnishes to go around. Bowls from our Agave Collection are ideal to hold garnishes and their authentic character adds to the Mexican theme of the party.

Hand Juicer — Used to extract fresh juice from citrus fruits, like Persian limes.

Plates and Napkins — Have stacks of cocktail plates and napkins available for appetizers and tapas.