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Ideas for Remodeling Your Home

Ideas for Remodeling Your Home

Your home has an amazing power over the way you feel. A bright space infuses you with energy and a positive attitude so you’re ready to conquer your day! Artistic touches inspire your creative juices, stimulating out-of-the-box thinking. So, you’re thinking about remodeling your home to fit your personality? That’s an awesome idea. A fresh take on design and decor can fill you with excitement every time you walk in the door. And when you’re happy, it shows. All you need is some inspiration and the right tools for the job. Pottery Barn has great pieces that make it easy to personalize your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom and more. Check out these home remodeling ideas to bring every part of your house or apartment to life!

The Power of Paint

For something that’s so simple to do, you’ll be surprised how much of an impact paint has on any room. The colors you choose can create a totally different ambience anywhere. Looking for a kitchen that wakes you up in the morning? Give it a tropical vibe with a touch of lime green, orange or yellow. If modern decor is more your style, let everyone know with black-and-white designs. There is literally no limit to the worlds you can create throughout the home. And getting inspired is easy. If you see a color combination you like when watching TV, flipping through a magazine, surfing the Internet or on a visit to the mall, you can certainly use the idea for yourself.

Match Furniture and Personality

One way to add excitement to a home’s interior – and exterior – is to think of furniture as more than functional. It’s easy to love a comfy spot to lie back and relax after a long day, but you can take things a step further if you want. Go with sofas and sectionals that get you excited. Pick out a bed that you find really attractive. It’s like custom tailoring for a suit; the same idea can apply to your house when you create a layout that fits your personality. Have a favorite black leather couch you’ve had your eye on for months? Grab it and turn it into the star of your space.

A Reimagined Entertainment Center

Now that flat-screen TVs are the norm, create a spacious layout in your living room by swapping out some furniture. You might want a room that’s as open as possible to be able to really kick back and relax. Try to let in as much light as possible when you select your essentials. With more open space, the pieces you have stand out much more and really shine. Instead of an entertainment center, another option is to try a stylish console table – or install an electric fireplace – underneath your TV. Bring the whole room together with a beautiful area rug and a coffee table.

Take the Idea of an Ensuite Bath to New Heights

Pamper, rinse, repeat. Go beyond a connected bedroom and bath with this awesome bathroom remodel idea. Install a two-way fireplace in the wall between both. That way, you get to enjoy warmth and luxury – and a romantic ambience – whether you’re lying down for a nap or soaking with a bath fizz and some candles.

Build a Bigger Bedroom

Your master bedroom is a safe haven. It’s a great spot to go when you need quiet time. If you really love spending time there, you can take the idea even further with a desk or a breakfast nook for reading the morning paper, complete with a large picture window and chaise or armchair. If you have a small connecting bedroom that you don’t use as much, knock down the separating wall and take advantage of some extra personal space. Go ahead – turn it into the walk-in closet of your dreams!

Give Your Kitchen the Chef’s Touch

If you don’t have a kitchen island yet and want one, now’s the time to make it happen. You can focus on the countertop to give your workspace tons of elegance and excitement. Marble or granite create a cool atmosphere, while wood is plenty inviting. Overhead, finish the layout with pendant lighting.

Breakfast with a View

An open-concept dining room is an awesome idea. Connect your living room and dining room by removing walls in between. To really unify the design, redo the flooring in both areas with bright wood, tile or carpeting. But that’s not the only way to open up the room. Use accordion-style doors to integrate the dining room and patio too. Enjoy fresh air without leaving the home by just sliding the doors. This is especially awesome if you have a lush garden or deck outside.