Look Sharp with These Black and White Bedroom Ideas

Black and White Bedroom Ideas

A classic look that ranges from sophisticated to beautifully simple, decorating with black and white gives a cool appeal to any room, especially the bedroom. Use these ideas from our team at Pottery Barn to explore this chic, neutral color palette – and then make it your own.

A Black and White Bed

Layering black and white details on top of each other has a multi-dimensional effect that’s perfect for a soothingly simple atmosphere. Achieving this look by starting with black furniture as a base. Then, layer white bedding on top. An all-white bed has a timeless, inviting quality that will make you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine as soon as you get into bed. Add contrast with black accents, like throw pillows. Alternatively, start with white furniture and black bedding – then cut it with more white accents, like a faux fur throws. You can also infuse metal and glass into the decorating mix, too, with lamps and other accessories.

Black and White Gallery Wall

Gallery walls make a fantastic statement in a bedroom, and lets you represent your style in a big way. If you prefer a tranquil, calming look, a gallery that plays up the minimalism will set the right tone. Start with a black accent wall, and add on your favorite works of art. Modern galleries tend to use white frames with white matting to showcase the artwork – which will especially stand out against a dramatic black wall.
As for what’s inside the frames, there are several different black-and-white art styles to choose anything from. (Think zen ink-blot pieces, minimalist geometric art and black and white photography.) You could also choose to include small modern art pieces that use colors other than black and white to introduce a subtle – but impactful – pop of color.

Black and White Patterns

One of the benefits of using a simple black and white foundation for your bedroom’s color palette is that it gives you space to play with patterns without focusing on color. Black and white patterned bedding, drapes, rugs and even wallpaper can work nicely together when you consider the scale and leave plenty of neutral space.

Start with white walls and use a black and white wallpaper (or paint your own pattern) to create a bold accent wall behind your bed. Then, use small-scale patterns, such as a subtle black and white plaid, polka dot or small-scale floral print, for drapes or a duvet cover. The balance of different print proportions will play nicely with one another. With solid black or white pieces throughout the rest of the room, the patterned elements will make a chic design statement.

You can also choose to use a single patterned piece to pop in a room of black and white solids. Again, an accent wall, duvet cover, rug or window treatment is a great go-to. However, you can opt for an even smaller accent piece to make the effect extra subtle. A single accent chair or end-of-bed bench with black and white printed upholstery is a great choice, but even something very small, like a throw pillow, can catch the eye in just the right way. When you take this approach, you can find ways to subtly add some visual interest, such as choosing a sheet set with a thin band of contrast design around the edges.