Must-Have Items for

Your Registry


Planning a wedding is a whirlwind of fun, and there are plenty of exciting ways to approach a wedding registry. Your and your future spouse’s tastes are uniquely your own, and your registry is the perfect opportunity to reflect these special styles and interests.

Wondering where to get started in crafting your wish list? We’re here to help! This guide covers some of the more traditional must-haves for wedding registry picks, but remember: there’s always room for creativity, individuality and your own spin on things. Feel free to pick and choose which elements work best for you, and add some of your own based on what you both love.

Entertaining Elements

Celebrate your newly expanded family by bringing everyone together. Whether you already host at home or want to hold more get-togethers as a married couple, why not select some accessories for entertaining? If you have a lovely cheese board, you’re halfway to a classic wine and cheese party. It helps to think a bit about your lifestyle together as a couple, too. Perhaps the two of you prefer sampling new beers instead of uncorking bottles of wine. If that’s the case, pint glasses are a great idea.

Entertaining accessories also help make your everyday meals together even more special. Luxurious table runners, placemats and napkins add beauty to an already sparkling dinner conversation. And, having extras of your useful entertaining pieces on hand – such as serveware and shining flatware – ensures you’re always ready to welcome company into your home.

Blissful Bedding

You should love the way your bed looks, so bedding is a great thing to register for! Treat yourself to crisp new sheets in classic percale, eco-friendly TENCEL® or crafted-to-last flax linen. You can layer these pieces with a sumptuous and soft quilt or an extra-fluffy duvet cover to welcome even more relaxation into your sleeping space. Plush pillows and snuggly throws let you cozy up for a night of restful slumber.

Delightful Dinnerware

Dinnerware is another excellent registry choice. The family that eats together stays together, and fun dinnerware is perfect for enhancing family mealtime. From cereal bowls and snack plates to entrée and desser plates – quality dinnerware is something you both will get excited about.

Gleaming Glassware

Glassware is a registry mainstay, but you can mix and match styles to complement your look and lifestyle. Like to keep things casual? Modern stemless wine glasses are a cool way to sip in style. If you and your spouse-to-be are aspiring sommeliers, a full set of vaertial-specific glasses is a gift that will keep on giving. Cocktail glasses, beer glasses and water and juice cups are also great additions to the list – just think about what you don’t have or what you’d like to replace and go from there.

Marvelous Monograms

Both timeless and on-trend, monograms make everyday goods feel even more personal. From sheets and pillowcases to trays and glassware, show off your initials all around the house. Do you both love travel? A monogrammed luggage tag or suitcase is a helpful way to keep track of your belongings – whether you’re heading out on your honeymoon or taking a quick weekend jaunt to the in-laws. Plus, if you’re changing your name, creating a marital monogram is a sentimental way to mark the start of married life.

Fabulous Foundations

Pots, pans, napkins, tablecloths, coffee mugs and other basic essentials are great choices for your wedding registry. They enhance your daily life and make the little things – like relaxing with a cup of coffee or whipping up your secret sauce – even easier.

Something Fun for Everyone

Your registry can focus on every day essentials and special occasion pieces, but always throw a few unexpected options in there – you might be surprised by which guests get you a flash-freeze popsicle maker or cheese-of-the-month club subscription. There are no set-in-stone rules when it comes to creating your registry – so have fun!