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No More Counting Sheep:

3 Tips for Falling Asleep

No More Counting Sheep: 3 Tips for Falling Asleep

Are you looking for some helpful new ways to enjoy more restorative shuteye? These tips will show you how to fall asleep quickly and feel more rested in the morning.

Practice Sleep Hygiene

If you ask sleep scientists what to do to fall asleep, they'll probably describe a set of health guidelines known as “sleep hygiene.” To practice good sleep hygiene, limit your time spent doing the following while you're in bed at night: using cell phones, tablets, laptops or TVs; taking calls; checking social media feeds; sending or reading emails and texts.
Artificial light from electronic screens can send mixed signals to the sleep center of your brain, which interferes with your ability to  get good rest. It's easiest to practice sleep hygiene if you set a time every night when you shut off your devices and get into bed. The distraction-free time will make it much easier to transition from wakeful life outside of bed to sleepy life inside.

Perform a Body Scan

Meditation tips for falling asleep often focus on using meditation to calm your mind and clear away thoughts that might be keeping you awake. Body scans are particularly useful because they occupy your thoughts and provide your brain with an easy transition from conscious wakefulness to a deep, relaxing sleep. You can find a guided audio body scan meditation to learn the technique, but the basic process is simple to master on your own. Focus your mind on releasing any tension in your body, starting at the top of your head and working down to your face, neck, back, arms, chest, hips and legs. Relax each part of your body as you go, and soon you'll be so comfortable you'll drift off.

Make Your Bed More Inviting

The above tips to fall asleep quickly work even better when your bed is super comfortable. Everything from the bedframe itself to the mattress, sheets, pillows and duvet should be exactly how you want them.
To set yourself in the right direction, think about what can help you feel more rested when you wake up. Focusing on specific ideas around comfort makes it easier to hone in on which bedding components are and aren't working for you. If you're waking up in the middle of the night feeling hot, for example, that's a sign you may need some breathable linen sheets and a specially designed mattress that doesn't retain heat. Mattresses that use mesh fabric and are specifically engineered to promote airflow are your best bet. Other issues, like a creaky bedframe or lumpy pillows, are easy to fix by upgrading to fresh designs.

By following these tips from Pottery Barn, a restful night’s sleep is just around the corner.