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Tips for Serving

Breakfast in Bed

Tips for Serving Breakfast in Bed

Whether it’s a holiday, someone’s birthday or just the weekend, the most important meal of the day feels extra special when served in bed. Here’s how to create an Instagram-worthy spread for yourself or a loved one.

Set the Scene

Breakfast in bed is best served in a comfortable bed that’s loosely styled. Textured materials like Belgian flax linen and faux fur beckon you to cozy up long after the dishes are done. Upholstered headboards provide a soft foundation to lean back on, but wood headboards and beds without headboards can be softened with a pile of pillows. Place the largest, firmest pillow in front so you can sit up straight while you eat. Keep reading material or the remote close for easy entertainment.

Craft the Menu

Create a food plan that doesn’t require you waking up too early. (After all, it’s your day off!). Balance the meal with sweet and savory options, like eggs, avocado toast, pancakes and fruit. Coffee and hot tea are the perfect morning pick-me-up, and orange juice is a great way to pack in the Vitamin C.

Serve it in Style

White plates are the perfect blank canvas for your delicious display. Looking for something more cheerful? Choose dinnerware featuring fruits, florals or a pretty design. For extra style points, serve cheese on a sleek cheeseboard and coffee in a French press.

Layer the Tray

Stylish serving trays are what set this meal apart from a boring bowl of cereal. Grab an antique silver tray from the china cabinet or opt for classic, casual wood. Trays with handles are best for portability, and lap trays that balance firmly on four legs ensure stability.