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Turkey Serveware for Thanksgiving

Turkey Serveware for Thanksgiving

Setting the table with turkey-inspired dinnerware and serveware is a great way to delight your Thanksgiving guests. From plates and platters to tureens and gravy boats, there are several options to incorporate this timeless symbol into your table. Let the feast begin!

Turkey Plates

Arguably, the most important item on the table is the dinner plate. It's the first thing your guests see when they sit down and the last thing they see after polishing off the meal. Our turkey plates are designed inside our San Francisco studio by master artists. The prototype for each one is painted by hand to capture the rich colors and details of the harvest season.

Turkey Serveware

With serveware that pays homage to the iconic bird, it's easy to make a traditional Thanksgiving table feel equal parts festive and chic. Present your homemade soups, stews or casseroles in a serving piece imbued with seasonal charm and artful details, and your guests will be as impressed with your sense of style as they are with your culinary skills. When surrounded with autumnal foliage, an oversized tureen also doubles as a centerpiece. You can also take your food presentation to the next level with a turkey carving platter: It pulls double duty as a cheeseboard or appetizer tray for more casual gatherings.

If you want to keep the most important sauce of the meal warm, a sculpted gravy boat will do just that. It adds a delightful seasonal charm to your dinner and reduces the amount of spills on your tablecloth. (Tip: Use it to drizzle maple syrup on your pancakes at Black Friday brunch.)

Salt-and-Pepper Shakers

To round out your tabletop, add an autumnal note with turkey-shaped salt-and-pepper shakers. Pieces with understated metal finishes can be used throughout the year in country-style kitchens, and vintage porcelain brings about a feeling of nostalgia. Shakers also make a perfect gift for a host.