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Wow Your Guests with These 3 Easy DIY Easter Centerpieces 

Wow Your Guests with These 3 Easy DIY Easter Centerpieces

Easter is one of those iconic holidays that’s such a pleasure to decorate for! Pottery Barn is here to help spark your creativity this year with some easy DIY Easter centerpieces to get you excited for the big Sunday. These Easter centerpiece ideas show three ways to approach seasonal table decor that still leave room for you to include your own special twists. They’re simple and adaptable, so feel free to run with any ideas they might spark. Whether you feel like going big or making something subtle and sweet, embrace all the joys of springtime with these colorful creations.

A Bountiful Bowl

For a simple, elegant Easter centerpiece, you can use a footed bowl and some decorative eggs to create a sculptural display. One way to do so is to arrange your eggs in a pyramid shape, stacking them on top of each other to create extra height and inside your footed bowl. You can use any kind of decorative eggs you like, from foiled plastic to painted wood and even blown and dyed real eggs. From pastel shades to deep jewel tones and chic metallics, there are plenty of possibilities to try. This also gives you a fun opportunity to create eggs especially for this centerpiece if you have a particular look in mind.
As a finishing touch, try tucking small flowers and leaves into the egg arrangement for some extra-springy appeal. You can stick with smaller blooms to let the eggs take center stage, or play with all sorts of flower shapes with the eggs peeking through. You can use traditional spring flowers such as miniature daffodils and tiny clusters of grape hyacinth to accentuate the seasonal splendor of this elegant arrangement. Faux and real flowers work equally well for this arrangement, and if you use woody or wire flower stems, you can stick them into a central block of floral foam if you want to use this table decor after Easter.

A Bouquet with a Crunchy Twist

Put a stylish twist on the traditional bunnies-and-carrots Easter motif with a seasonal bouquet that celebrates spring vegetables and beautiful blooms. These Easter table centerpieces look great in a large translucent display vessel – consider a spherical vase or large fish bowl. Pick up a block of floral foam in a cage holder that’s large enough to sit on top of the opening to your container, plus floral wire and spikes. For your arrangement, you can gather a bunch of fresh carrots with the tops attached and flowers of your choice. Feel free to use other spring veggies like radishes and sprouts to add extra texture and color.
When you have all your materials, start making your arrangement by washing your carrots and trimming off the leaves. Leave the long green stems attached and use them to tie your bunch of carrots to the bottom of your caged floral foam. The carrot bunch hangs down into the center of your container. Use floral wire and spikes to build an arrangement with your flowers and veggies on the tops and sides of the floral foam. You can achieve a similar effect by using asparagus spears to line the perimeter of a cylindrical vase and arranging fresh flower stems and greenery inside.

A Cabinet of Easter Curiosities

Easter table centerpieces look just as great made with longevity in mind. If you want to make a centerpiece to use year after year and leave on display for weeks at a time, consider an antique curio display. Display objects such as glass cloches and terrariums are perfect tools to use in creating an amazing centerpiece showcasing your Easter vignette. The process is easy: just start with a display object that you like the look of on your table, then gather materials, arrange under the glass and you’re done!
It’s easy to build your mini curio vignette from the ground up. You can use dried or faux moss, grass or straw to create a nest- or grass-like base. To add more dimension, choose display items of different heights and sizes. You can pick a bottlebrush bunny or other seasonal figurines as your featured items, and then fill in with decorative eggs, faux flowers and other ornaments to complete the scene. Dollhouse or fairy garden accessories are great if you want to add even more charm to your centerpiece display.