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3 Ways to Decorate

with Quilts

3 Ways to Decorate with Quilts

A quilt adds warmth to a room in more ways than one. While it keeps you warm on a chilly morning, it can also provide an added layer of elegance to a bedroom or a family room. Traditionally, quilts feature a layer of batting between two woven fabrics. When sewn together, these pieces create a cover that is soft, durable and offers just the right amount of warmth. Old-fashioned quilts were often handmade in unique fabrics and designs. Today, quilts range in style from festive to formal. This makes them a perfect way to add color and style to your space with the spread of a blanket. When you want a bed cover that functions as a conversation piece, you can’t go wrong with a quilt. We at Pottery Barn are happy to share three ways to decorate with quilts.

Picking the Right Quilt

Versatile and timeless, a quilt can be an extension of an existing style, or it can be the inspiration for a whole new look. A quilt sets the tone in a guest room, inviting visitors to feel at home. It also softens a more formal setting. If you’re wondering how to pick a quilt, there’s really no right or wrong way. Just look for one that sets the mood you’re going for. Many different quilt patterns exist, so you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Perhaps the best thing about a quilt is that they never go out of style. Plus, you can move it easily from one room to another. If the design changes in your bedroom, the quilt can head to another part of the house or become your favorite blanket that you cuddle up in while watchinga movie or reading a book.

Hang It Up

When you find a quilt you really like, you want to show it off. By using a quilt as a piece of wall art, you can create a one-of-a-kind decorative accent. Look for a quilt that works with the dimensions of your space. A quilt that fits a twin-size bed makes a nice size for wall art in most rooms. A contemporary quilt combines familiar patchwork design with bolder colors, while traditional quilts capture country or colonial flair through warm reds, blues and grays.

To hang a quilt, select a sturdy, decorative curtain rod. Sew a long tube of fabric to create a sleeve, and attach it to the back of the quilt with a basting stitch that you can later remove. Slide the rod through the fabric and you’ll have an attractive way to display a quilt. Hang it above a bed, in the foyer or on your family room wall. By hanging the quilt in this way, you can easily remove it when you want to use it and replace it just as quickly.

Show Your Colors

Use a quilt to celebrate a season or a holiday. A red-white-and-blue quilt makes the perfect accent for a patriotic occasion. Colors reminiscent of changing leaves are ideally suited for a fall-time quilt. Fold the quilt lengthwise and place it on the back of a sectional, or casually drape it across an storage bench. Swap out quilts depending on the season, and store quilts currently not in use in the bench, so they’ll be easy to reach when you need them again.

Shake Things Up

A quilt and matching pillow shams is always a neat idea, but if you’re ready for something different, unite a quilt with pillows that have extra flair. Consider decorative pillows that reinforce a theme, like anchors and starfish paired with a nautical quilt. You can also shake up a room by combining two styles, like mixing faux-fur pillows with a traditional quilt. Rather than clash, they work off of each other to enliven your bedroom. Pick a color from the quilt and choose a coordinating throw blanket. Drape the throw on top of the quilt for added texture and elegance.