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No Snow Needed: How to Have a White Christmas 

How to Have a White Christmas

It’s so easy to create a classic winter holiday this season! Skip the “brrr” of real snow and bring the pristine beauty of a white Christmas inside this year. Decorate the family room in a blanket of white, or spread the cheer throughout the house. These indoor decor ideas from us at Pottery Barn ensure your family gets the pleasure of celebrating a white Christmas no matter your climate.

How to Decorate a White Christmas Tree with Bold Decorations

The Christmas tree is often the focal point of the holiday look in a home and gives you lots of decorating option. Adding bold colors creates a stunning contrast against the white branches. Drape bright, colored lights around the tree. Choose your favorite color bulbs, or use multi-colored string lights. Wrap a matching tree skirt around the base of the tree. Or match your tree skirt to the throw pillows on your sofa for a pretty touch.

Elegant White Christmas Tree Ideas

If the classic look of colorful tree lights and ornaments doesn’t fit your holiday decor plans, go monochromatic. Enjoy the ethereal, glowing elegance of an all-white Christmas tree. Adorn the tree with twinkling clear lights. Or leave the lights off the tree completely and illuminate it with a lamp or two that direct the light on the tree, almost like a spotlight. Put iridescent white garland and ornaments on the tree for a snowy, all-white effect. For a delicate addition that enhances your white tree, loosely drape thick gold or silver ribbon around the tree like garland. Finish up the look with matching ornaments and a gold star-shaped tree topper that matches your picture frames or a sculpture you have in the room.

If your faux tree needs some sprucing up, it’s a breeze to restore its original beauty. Lightly spray the branches with your favorite all-purpose cleaner or a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water. Let the cleaner soak on the branches for about 5 minutes, and then use paper towels, a sponge or a towel to wipe off the dust and cleaner. Make sure the branches are completely dry before adding light strings and decorating the tree.

Fake Snow Decoration Ideas

Expand on your white Christmas theme by adding some fake snow to your holiday decorations. Choose spray-on fake snow and festive stencils to put playful holiday shapes on windows and wall mirrors. Put an accent mirror flat on the table, and pour loose fake snow on the surface. Position pretty votive candles, a small Christmas tree or a smiling snowman in the fake snow. For some extra sparkle, choose iridescent fake snow. Or, add a small tube of silver glitter to the fake snow for a frosty touch. It’s even simple and fun to add some faux snow to your holiday dessert table. Just mix shredded coconut and powdered sugar to sprinkle on a cake or iced sugar cookies.

How to Make Fake Snow for Crafts

Get the whole family involved in creating the holiday look for your home with snowy crafts that look great on a mantel or shelf. It’s even more fun when everyone helps make the snow. Fake snow is a fun addition to holiday crafts, and it doesn’t take long at all to make your own. Spray craft glue on cotton balls. Sprinkle iridescent or silver glitter on the cotton balls to make them look like tiny snow balls to glue onto craft projects. Hand out some white paper and paper punches or craft scissors and let everyone help make tiny bits of paper to use as snow. Be sure to mix in some glitter for the perfect wintry touch!

Whether you’re missing the snowy, white holiday you enjoyed as a child, or you’ve never seen snow, it’s so easy to create a classic winter holid