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6 Tips for Decorating with Mason Jars this Summer

6 Tips for Decorating with Mason Jars this Summer

This summer, decorate with mason jars to create a rustic and whimsical look in your home or backyard. Mason jars are a great way to infuse character into a space while adding functional storage or lighting to any space. Display simple, yet elegant, mason jars for a classic look, or glam it up with glitter and stained glass. For a rustic, cozy look, opt for burlap, twine and rope accents. Whether you want to use mason jars as a decorative statement or functional storage container in your medicine cabinet, these ideas from us at Pottery Barn are sure to help!

Light It Up

Add romance to your backyard hangout spot or create warm, soft lighting that’s perfect for cuddling up with your favorite novel. Dress up your mason jars with seashells and driftwood to create a breezy beach theme, or keep them crystal clear to let maximum light shine through. Create perfect mood lighting for intimate events by adding candles to your mason jars. Choose tea light candles for smaller mason jars or opt for pillar candles for larger mason jars. Choose soft, neutral candle colors for a romantic look, or go big and bold with vibrant hues that match your decor or party theme.

Make It Sparkle

Add sparkle and shine to your space by adding glitter to your mason jars. Pair glitter-covered mason jars with lanterns and string lights to create reflective sparkle that dances around the room. Use plain mason jars with string lights to create lighting for a romantic backyard soiree and mimic the beauty of fireflies in summertime. For a rustic theme, pair your mason jars with sparkling string lights that feature twig accents for a natural feel.

Organize Like a Pro

Use mason jars to create fun and functional storage, and give your bathroom a professional designed look. Use decorated or plain mason jars to hold everything from makeup brushes to toothbrushes. Display your mason jars on your bathroom countertops and wall shelves for a beautiful look. Fill the mason jars with sand, coffee beans or beads to hold your things.  You could also mount the mason jars directly to your wall to free up precious counter space by using hose clamps and screws.

Sip in Style

Entertain your friends and family in style with mason jar drinking glasses that can be decorated to suit your preferences and home decor. Pair mason jars with your existing glassware to create a fun dinner party that will fit right in with your beach or rustic theme. Opt for striped mason jars for a nautical look or go for fun, summer vibes with polka dots. For special occasions or party favors, add lettering to your mason jars so your guests have a personalized party favor to take home.

Get Crafty

Whether you’re working in your art studio, knitting or hanging out in your home office, organize your arts and crafts space with these mason jar hacks. Pair mason jars with chalkboards and pin boards so you can keep track of all your projects in a fun way. Use mason jars to store paintbrushes, knitting needles or keep office pens organized so you don’t keep losing them. Use small, shallow mason jars to store things such as push pins and rubber bands for an organized desktop that allows you to focus on the task at hand.

Let Nature Guide You

Add a touch of nature to your home by making mason jars into terrariums. Simply add flowers and plants that fit your design aesthetic. For an easy and low maintenance terrarium, opt for succulents that need minimal care and don’t require constant watering. Use your mason jars as planters for topiary trees or fragrant flowers like lavender and hydrangea to add a sweet aroma to your home. Use the mason jar potted plants as table centerpieces for dinner parties or simple accents to any room. Mason jars with plants can also be a learning experience for kids.  Keep the glass clear so they can see how plant roots develop, or dress up your jars with springtime flower motifs.