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7 Creative Ways to Organize Your Books Without a Bookcase

Bookcases are organization solutions, but they just don’t work with every space. Large shelving units can dominate small rooms and may be overbearing in spaces with minimal furniture. Bookcases may also lend a traditional style to your home, which may not suit your contemporary decor scheme. At the same time, stacks of books need a logical home in order to keep your collections organized and accessible. Thankfully, there are alternative ways to showcase your book collection that let you make the most of your existing space.



Lay It All Out

The term “coffee table book” exists for a reason. Books featuring visuals such as photography or artwork can look stunning on your coffee table or end tables and they create excellent conversation pieces. Choose one or two books to showcase on the top of your table and stack further titles on a shelf below the table. Pottery Barn offers a variety of coffee tables with shelves or drawers to put your books on display or keep them neatly tucked away.


Show Them Off

Wall shelves work well where bookcases often do not. These smaller shelving solutions are not overbearing in compact spaces, and they offer plenty of flexibility in terms of placement. You can use a single shelf to showcase a small selection of books, or creatively arrange multiple shelves for additional storage. Stack books between other objects or use bookends to hold them in place.



Stow Aways

A storage ottoman is an excellent piece of furniture for keeping items out of sight. It can make a handy storage solution for older, well-loved paperbacks that you keep for sentimental reasons. It can also be a good way to reduce clutter if you have several books on the go at once. Simply take out the title you want to read at any given time and put it back in the storage compartment until your next reading session.


Basket Case

Like wall shelves, baskets and crates make flexible storage solutions. You can place them in corners, along walls or beside furniture, and you can stack them on top of one another to make the most of your space. Baskets, crates or bins also make good book storage options if you live in a building that does not allow you to hang shelves. Use a box or crate with a lid to keep books out of sight, or choose an open basket or bin to showcase attractive cover art.


Use Every Available Space

Magazine racks and storage caddies are useful accessories for storing books on desks, counters or tables. Arrange your cookbooks in a rack on your kitchen counters or keep kids’ books in a caddy on a dresser. This storage option works best with smaller volumes or children’s books.


Easy Access

Use bookends to prop up books on a console table in your entryway or living room. A book display in your entryway shows off your great taste in literature when guests walk through the door, whereas living room storage offers easy access to reading material when you want to relax. Make the most of the surface of your console table by arranging decorative objects, vases and frames alongside your books.


Create a Great View

If space is especially limited in your home, you can use existing room features to your advantage. Windowsills are long and flat, which makes them ideal for stacking or arranging books. Mantels can also make great alternatives to shelving.