7 Easy Storage Solutions for a Small Home 

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A small home doesn’t need to be small on storage! These easy home storage solutions from Pottery Barn will help you optimize all of your available space. From using multitasking ottomans to creating drop zones, these ideas can help you get and stay organized.

Choose Furniture That Multitasks

You can optimize many large furniture pieces to provide the best storage in the space available – with some pulling double duty. A versatile storage ottoman can hold shoes or extra blankets and double as extra seating when you’re entertaining. Do you have little room for file storage and bench seating? A smart window or table bench with a trunk in the seat can keep filing folders or extra power cords together. A tiered coffee table provides plenty of basket storage for board games, remotes or toys.

Make Unused Space Usable

Take a few minutes to look for empty space that you can repurpose. Peek into cabinets to see if under-cabinet shelving can offer additional organizing space in the kitchen. Or, you might have a little space behind the pantry door. Line it with narrow shelving racks to hold spices, food or medications. Furniture pieces raised on legs, like armchairs, beds or nightstands, leave a little space beneath for under-bed baskets. Many closets can fit a small dresser beneath hanging clothing. Think unconventionally as you hunt for extra space. It might be hiding where you least expect it!

Replace Decorative Pieces with Storage Pieces

Replace a single-shelf console table with one that offers additional levels of drawer or basket storage. Upgrading an entry table to an organization system gives everything a designated space. Television stands can keep all of your electronics organized and clutter-free when you choose a design that incorporates doors, drawers or baskets. If you like to keep books or notes at your bedside, choose a nightstand with drawer or shelf storage to organize and conceal all but the most current items. The best small home storage solutions make their functionality look effortless.

Create Smaller Defined Spaces

If your dining table has become your workspace, create a smaller defined office space to store your work and allow for more focused concentration. A small wall desk near a window or in an unused corner lends itself to productivity. It also provides plenty of room for books, charging cables and file storage. If hobby or craft supplies are taking over some extra space, consider using a dedicated cabinet to store and display your work. Place a small table or desk under decorative shelves that display (and store) your latest creations.

Go Electronic

Use books, photos, music and documents electronically when space is at a premium. If you just can’t part with a few, use them decoratively on a fireplace mantel or wall shelf. Rather than tossing older books, look around your community for a library or community book shelf to share your favorites. Creating home storage solutions can be a cathartic process that allows you to part with your lesser-used items and share their joy with those who benefit from your donations.

Conceal Unconventional Storage Spaces

Repurpose an architectural nook as closet space by hanging drapery across a short, wall-mounted rod. Use it to hold and cover storage boxes, folded clothes or holiday decorations. Hide rarely used items under a traditional side table by covering it with a tailored tablecloth. Large or awkwardly-shaped items can fit under the bed, hidden beneath a matching bedskirt. These simple storage tricks make use of available space without sacrificing style. 

Create a Drop Zone

Organizing clutter is a task for any home. You’ll need a solid game plan when space is at a premium. Create an organized “drop zone” for mail, papers and keys with entryway storage that keeps important items right where you need them. Add a decorative standing paper file for mail. Place several trays and bowls on your entryway table for envelopes and keys. Or consider hanging a coat rack with a cubby for each member of your household. If there’s a nearby wall outlet, include a “charging zone” with extra cords and batteries for phones and electronics that need daily charging. You’ll stay organized at home and prepared