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6 Tips for Your

Summer Crab Feast

Summer Crab Feast

For many, the sweet flavor of steamed crab marinated with seasonings and dipped in butter is a regular rite of passage that marks the arrival of summer. Unlike going to a restaurant, these feasts are designed for lingering, casual fun, with kids catching fireflies and adults enjoying cold beverages. Plan a delightful seafood meal that can transport you to your favorite shoreline, right from your own outdoor dining table. Whether you prefer a low country boil or a Maryland-inspired blue crab feast, check out our quick tips to make your crab feast a delicious success.

1. Find Your Style

Although the traditional decor for a summer crab feast typically includes a table full of newspaper, a few rolls of paper towels, mallets and pitchers of cold drinks, you don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional crab feast setup. Switch up the look to make it your own by topping colorful linen tablecloths with sleek white paper for an elegant twist, or go rustic with a burlap tablecloth covered in brown paper. Add colorful cushions on your chairs to give the area a pop while enhancing your guests’ comfort when they are seated.

2. Messy Fun

Bibs, extra napkins, rolls of paper towels and wet naps are all helpful. After all, a crab feast is meant to be hands-on. Place a rolled bib, numerous napkins and wet wipes at each place setting and intersperse rolls of paper towels along the length of the table to give guests multiple options for cleaning up.

3. It's All in the Tools

Don’t forget the necessities! Include a sturdy mallet, claw crackers and a crab fork with the rest of your utensils. Add several big bowls for discarded shells on the table so guests can easily clean up their space.

4. Delicious Extras

Side dishes are a great wayto round out the meal, but if you're pressed for space, feel free to serve them on a separate table or an outdoor console table. This gives guests plenty of optionswithout taking too much table space. Popular crab feast side dishes include corn on the cob, roasted potatoes, potato salad and coleslaw.

5. Build a Beverage Station

Skip the pitchers of drinks on the table and opt for a separate beverage station where guests can conveniently top off their drink. By setting it up ahead of time, you'll have more time to enjoy the feast with your guests. You can make a big batch of a signature cocktail or even sangria for a tasty summer treat. Iced tea and lemonade are also fan favorites. Keep the table stocked with dispensers, ice, and drinkware so every one can find what they need easily, leaving you more time to...

6. Enjoy!

That's it. All you have left to do is enjoy the meal with friends and family.