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7 Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Bay Windows

7 Great Ways to Spruce Up Your Bay Windows

Bay windows need decorating? Bay windows are stunning home features, but they can present quite the decorating challenge. Often, the space is too small to provide substantial storage space and the area can easily look cluttered. On the other hand, leaving these windows bare leaves you with a lot of empty space and untapped potential. To find the right balance of style and substance for your bay windows, check out our 7 decorating ideas below.

1. Set Up a Breakfast Nook

A bay window in your kitchen is an ideal spot for a breakfast nook. Place a small table and dining chairs in the center of the space and enjoy breakfast and coffee breaks in this bright and inviting area. You can opt for a fairly small table and use the window to your advantage: use it to show off a seasonal bouquet of flowers and a a spot to store extra napkins and your salt and pepper shakers.

2. Choose Long Drapes

Long curtains and drapes are ideal for bay windows, even if your bay window isn’t very tall. Hang your curtains as close to the ceiling as possible and make sure the hemline brushes the floor. Place the curtain panels along the edges of the windows so that they frame the space and let in lots of light. This creates a vertical emphasis to the window, making the room feel just a little bit taller.

3. Transform the Space Into a Window Seat

A bay window can make a great space for additional seating in your living room or family room, even if you can’t actually sit in the window itself. In that case, you can add a bench to the space and cover it with cushions and plenty of throw pillows or place a pair of stools to create an inviting area for relaxing and socializing.

4. Create a Reading Alcove

Bay windows can be the perfect space to curl up with a good book. If your bay window is strong enough for sitting, invest in a great custom cushion and lots of throw pillows. If not, make the seating area in front of the bay window a bit cozier with a good throw to complement the appropriate seating option for your space. Create a miniature library in the space with an extra basket to hold your reading materials.

5. Make Use of Accent Chairs

Don’t have enough room for a bench or pair of armchairs? No worries. You can still create a cozy sitting area beside your bay window with a pair of accent chairs or poufs and a small side table to add a comfortable space for reading the morning paper or having conversation over coffee.

6. Add a Desk

Bay windows offer plenty of light, which creates a great space for working or studying. If you work at home, a small desk set against the bay window is an excellent home office option. A bay window desk in a child’s or teen’s room offers lots of light, which helps improve concentration during studying or working on homework assignments. 

7. Design a Hobby Corner

If you do not have enough space to set up a craft or hobby room in your home, a bay window can be a good alternative. Place a small desk or table against the window so you have space for sewing, crafts, drawing, etc. Choose a table with built-in cubbies, drawers or shelves to store supplies, so the area stays neat and tidy.