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8 Creative Favors
for a Bridal Shower

Creativity and personality are what make a bridal shower memorable. Here are eight special parting gifts that will make a real impression and that your guests will love taking home with them. Use your favors in lieu of traditional place cards, placing one at each setting tied in ribbon with a handwritten nametag.


1. A Bit of Bubbly

Nothing says celebrate like champagne. Imagine the festive sound of all your guests popping champagne splits for the very first toast to the bride and groom. For a clever party favor, use weighted low glass vases as small ice buckets. About an hour before guests come, fill with ice and one split of beribboned champagne. For an extra special touch, each vase can be monogrammed with the initial of the guest.

2. Miniature Planted Herbs

Small, potted mint, rosemary, lavender and basil are all good choices, and their scents complement any menu. Most can be found shaped into tiny topiaries. Purchase them in plastic sixpacks from any garden center, and re-pot them in mini terra cotta pots. Tuck sphagnum moss around the edges and top to cover. Keep bases in water until the event since small pots dry out quickly. As a finishing touch, use raffia and tie a copper or zinc plant tag onto the stem as a place card.

3. Tea Time

Tuck specialty teabags in pretty ceramic mugs, then wrap tie with a ribbon. Add each guest’s name to the mug with a permanent pen, which will easily wash off the glazed finish, as a place card and party favor in one.

4. Single Blooms

Place one type of single-colored flower in a clear glass bud vase. Tie each vase with ribbon and a nametag, then cluster them in a circle at the center of the table for a clever favor that doubles as a centerpiece. For variation, each table can have a floral theme that’s connected by color, white roses, white freesia, white carnations, etc.

5. Keep Cozy

For a cool-weather wedding - or even a summer wedding in a part of the country with cool nights - treat each guest to a brightly colored throw. Roll them up, tie with a wide ribbon and mark with a name handwritten on a pretty tag.

6. Stay Hydrated

A very affordable favor that’s ideal for an outdoor setting is a reusable aluminum water bottle. It keeps everyone hydrated in the hot sun and the caribiner at the top is the perfect place to attach a place card. For a little more, include a monogrammed lunch tote complete with healthy snacks and homemade Agua Fresca.

7. Frame the Day

Handwrite each guest’s name on a beautiful piece of paper, then place it in a small frame at each setting. For a special touch, have the frame engraved with the date of your shower. (When you write thank-you notes, you can also include prints of the day for them to put in their frame.)

8. Spa Setting

For a shower with a spa theme, monogram a robe for a more extravagant gift. Roll and tie each one with its own sash, then tuck a piece of freshly picked lavender and a name card in the pocket and place on each guest’s chair.