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Benefits to Buying

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Benefits to Buying Reclaimed Wood Furniture

OK, so you’ve heard about reclaimed wood. You know it’s popular. You know interior designers love it. You’ve seen the pros raving about it on your favorite home makeover TV show. And yes, you’ve seen your mom’s new wood dining room table – and it’s pretty awesome. So what’s with all the hype about reclaimed wood? Actually, a lot of things.

Be Different

Reclaimed wood stands out. As a matter of fact, chances are pretty good that there’s already a piece of reclaimed wood furniture that’s caught your eye. And that’s no surprise. Aged wood makes great centerpieces. No matter where you put it – from the living room to the bedroom and everywhere in between – wood furniture gets noticed. So if you want to infuse your home with a touch of freshness, a bit of brightness and loads of happiness, here are some reclaimed wood ideas that might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Express Yourself

To a lot of people, picking out furniture for a room isn’t just about decor. It’s a way to let everyone know who you are. At Pottery Barn, that’s an idea we support 100 percent. Your home is a place where you can be yourself. So make it fit your dream design vision. Things like lighting and furniture have a huge impact on the space. Reclaimed wood furniture is a good choice since it adds a ton of personality: your favorite pieces become almost like a member of the family. And since each one is unique – from the grain of the wood to small imperfections and distinctive markings – they end up being distinctive and noteworthy.

Everybody Needs Some R&R

Want to give your home a positive atmosphere? Go with light tones throughout. White or pastel paint colors make everything seem more relaxing. And after a hard day of work, that’s a wonderful thing. Reclaimed wood looks great in a bright room. Some pieces have a slightly grey hue that complements modern styles really well, and others have reddish highlights for warmth. And the best part is that wood is inviting. It’s perfect for a spot where your family can laugh together or where you want to entertain friends. Or just kick up your feet and enjoy a cool drink. No one said you had to keep things inside. If you have a balcony, deck or patio, a reclaimed wood table – in whatever size that fits your lifestyle – lets you enjoy your morning coffee with fresh air.

That Special Touch

Another suggestion for turning a beautiful room into something extraordinary is to pay attention to texture. It’s one thing to decorate with furniture that looks great, but when you’ve got pieces that are pleasant to the touch too, well, that takes things to the next level. Reclaimed wood feels great when you run your hands over it. Don’t forget to add some pillows for an extra fashion statement.

Breathe Easy

Looking for something especially green? Reclaimed wood is good for the planet. It basically means that you’re giving wood a second opportunity to shine. Maybe in a past life it made up the exterior of a cabin or sat over a fireplace somewhere in Alaska. Instead of tossing out something with such a rich history, we decided to put it to good use in beds, bookcases, dressers and more. Less trees cut down, more forests, more nature; everybody wins.

Country Living at its Finest

Design a rustic living room. A reclaimed wood coffee table makes guests feel right at home when they visit. If your style is minimalist or industrial, the natural tones of aged wood are an ideal complement. A console table is another way to add rustic charm. The top surface gives you space for picture frames and photos if you want a family atmosphere, or lamps and wood artwork for extra warmth.

Year-Round Beach Party

The subtle tones and natural wood of reclaimed furniture work wonders in spaces with a beach theme. They feel lighter and more laidback than counterparts with a deep finish. It’s easy to close your eyes, pina colada in hand, and imagine yourself sitting on the white sands of some tropical paradise. And you don’t even need to buy plane tickets. With a few plants – the more colorful the better – the effect fills the whole house. Indirect lighting like wall sconces maintain the mood even when the sun goes down.