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Creative Craft Ideas for Spring

Creative Craft Ideas for Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and energy, so why not enjoy some spring revitalization with fresh craft ideas? If you’re feeling inspired by spring’s arrival, let Pottery Barn show you how to combine your creativity with some fun seasonal crafts. Whether you display them by your front door or inside your home, these simple spring craft ideas are a great way to celebrate the changing seasons. From seasonal floral displays to hanging decor that you can use year after year, these quick and easy craft projects require just few supplies and one important ingredient: your creativity!

Whimsical Wheelbarrow Planter

Do you have any lawn and garden equipment – like a wheelbarrow or watering can – around your yard that you aren’t using? It can enjoy a second life with this simple DIY project that transforms the tool into a charming planter. The watering can version is so simple – just treat the interior of the vessel like a plant pot. Wheelbarrow planting leaves plenty of room for creativity because the planter is bigger – you can approach it from a few different directions. One idea is to simply fill the wheelbarrow with soil and plants, but you can also use planters of various sizes to create a layered display of ornamental blooms.

If you choose to pot your plants directly in the wheelbarrow itself, you can create a cascading effect by planting trailing vines around the perimeter, then add height by putting tall plants in the center. If you want to place individual plant pots into the wheelbarrow, it’s easier to play with height variations, and you’ll also have plenty of leeway to mix and match different planting groupings without digging up any plants to move them around. Whichever approach you choose, it’s a fun idea to work with annual flowering and ornamental plants so you can continually refresh this charming outdoor planting display with the seasons.

Decorative Boot Tray

Whether you’re seeing some melting snow outside or March is coming in like a lion, spring often means wet boots and muddy shoes. There’s something really charming about this weather though, and you can turn that into a helpful craft for spring. Custom boot trays let you embrace spring’s beauty perks and weather quirks with some creative flair. It’s nice to have a place to put your wet things when you come in out of a drizzle, and these boot trays do just that!

You can start by picking out a plastic pan or tray with high sides – even a plain plastic boot tray will do the trick. Then, you can customize the look of this simple entryway accessory so it looks decorative and stylish. You can spray paint your tray a bright or metallic color to give it some extra flair, then fill it with something decorative to give it extra polish. Tumbled river rock is one simple idea for your boot tray filler, but you can also go for something a bit springier, including faux grass with some cute faux flowers attached across the back of the tray. 

Sweet Spring Bunting Garland

Garlands are such a classic element of celebration and happiness, and you can use this hanging decor to welcome spring as it heralds the arrival of longer days, warmer weather and gorgeous blooms outside. One great thing about this project is that you can scale it up or down to suit the area where you plan to hang it. You can even make a miniature spring banner to hang over your desk, or scale it up and make larger flags and longer garland to cover the length of your front porch.


Both fabric and paper are great for this project, though you’ll get longer-lasting results if you opt to use fabric. It’s helpful to look up examples as you decide what shape you want the garland flags to be – triangles are a simple, classic shape, but feel free to go for more elaborate shapes if you wish. Using a template as you cut out your fabric will also help you keep the banner looking great. If you have access to a sewing machine, use a simple straight stitch to connect your bunting flags to a length of rope or twine that’s in proportion to the size of the flags themselves. You can write a letter on each flag to spell out a fun spring or Easter message, too!