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How to Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden

How to Grow Your Own Cocktail Garden

Wouldn’t it be lovely to sip on cocktails this summer made with herbs from your own garden? Garden-to-glass cocktails can be super refreshing on a warm summer evening. And getting to use herbs, fruits and vegetables from your own garden makes them all the more delicious. Not sure where to start? We can help! Take a look at these ideas from us at Pottery Barn to get inspired and to get started.

What to Grow?

First, decide what kinds of herbs you want to grow. Think about the kinds of drinks you’ll be making and if you’ll be entertaining. Some of the most popular herbs to grow in a cocktail garden are lime, mint and basil, but the list is only limited by your own imagination. If you’re new to gardening or this is your first cocktail garden, you might start with the three basics and then expand from there.


For margaritas, limeade or any other drink that requires a zesty citrus feel, lime is a great staple for any cocktail garden. It’s so refreshing in summer desserts too. Lime is a subtropical tree, so if you live in a colder climate, it’s best grown in a pot in the sun and moved to a sunny window indoors in the winter. When grown outdoors in your cocktail garden, these will produce zesty green fruit on a small, green, thorny tree.


Mint can be used as a fragrant garnish or muddled and blended. Try freezing it into an ice cube to add some zing to your summer lemonade. Mint is so easy to grow, and can be used fresh or dried. Along with using it in drinks, mint can also be used in cooking. Keep in mind that mint is a spreader, meaning it will wander and cross-pollinate in your garden. If you want to avoid the mint spreading through your garden, grow your mint in a pot.


Basil is a great herb to have in your cocktail herb garden and is extremely versatile. It can be grown in garden beds or containers in a sunny spot. Traditionally used in salads, pizza and pasta, basil adds a deep aromatic flavor to dishes. Snip off just as much as you need and use it within a day for a punch of flavor.

Where to Grow It?

You certainly don’t need a huge space to grow a cocktail garden. You can grow a pretty, flourishing cocktail garden in pots and planters too. You can have a few pots in your kitchen window, outside on your balcony, or a full-fledged outdoor garden. If you have a larger yard and want your cocktail garden to double as an entertainment piece, you can build an entire bar around it.

The creativity certainly doesn’t need to stop in the garden. Use your new garden as inspiration to refresh your outdoor area. If you want to create a totally new look, a new outdoor dining set can help make a complete transformation. If your new cocktail garden also means you’ll be entertaining in the garden more, outdoor lighting can help keep the party glowing. Lamps, lanterns and even string lights illuminate a summer garden and create a dreamy atmosphere.

If it’s time for a complete garden makeover, or you want a small refresh for a smaller space, add a pop of fun color with your drinkware and dinnerware.  Dress up your table or buffet with bright dinnerware that can bring in the festive mood of sum