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Storage Solutions for
your Entryway


A beautiful entrance to your home is about reconciling its two different uses: one as a well–trafficked area for daily comings and goings, the other as a decorative statement. The key is to create a system that makes storage easy and automatic.

Cubbies, Bins & Baskets

A variety of storage systems makes the most sense in an entryway. Keep seasonal or rarely used items in closed storage, like a closet or trunk. Wall–units with built–in cubbies for baskets keep items like shoes, scarves and gear at the ready and neatly stowed. Open receptacles, like buckets, bins and baskets, are easiest for people to use without having to stop and think; sports gear goes in this basket, mittens and gloves go in this bin. Grouped together, a row of matching woven baskets is incredibly useful and keeps the entryway looking stylish.

Hooks & Small Storage

Entryway storage is largely for the short term — the things you use (and don't want to lose). For optimum efficiency, place storage at every level: hooks to hang hats, jackets and umbrellas, a table or shelf to place pet leashes and mail, and a series of small containers for keys, cell phones and loose change. Dividing storage vessels by contents, or dedicating one to each family member, makes them much more likely to be used. Remember that out of sight is usually out of mind: any receptacle left in plain view is far more likely to be filled than one hidden from sight.

Storage as Display

Creative display and clever storage for an eclectic gallery of objects finds a home in the unused wall space above a bench. This vintage–styled cubby organizer can just as easily be used for a combination of personal mementos and to sort mail, hold keys and cell phones, bowls for loose change, and much more.