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Outdoor Lantern
& Candle Ideas

Transform your outdoor space with subtle and charming lighting by using lanterns and candles. The soft light flickers to create a magical atmosphere perfect for any nighttime get-together. Do away with harsh outdoor lights and set the mood with a beautiful lantern. We have an assortment of lanterns in various styles to help you reinvent your space.

Here are 5 tips to maximize your outdoor lighting and get the most out of your outdoor space: 

1. Illuminate the Walkway

Luminaries are a common way to light up a path or walkway without completely illuminating the area. Lanterns on a walkway are both attractive and functional. Line up lanterns of various sizes along a walkway so that guests can see their way in safety. Bronze and silver lanterns have a sophisticated appearance and will complement your outdoor space well.

2. Decorate the Dinner Table

If you’re hosting a dinner party outdoors, then light up the table with small and decorative lanterns. A glass lantern is a versatile piece that is easy to use for decoration. Add a base filler to the lantern, such as sand and seashells, then place a pillar candle in the center for a beach-inspired decoration. Place several lanterns on the table to set the mood for the party.

3. Hang an Accent Light

Hanging a lantern is a great way to create an accent light. Hang the lantern from a tree, near a landscaped area or by another decorative element in your outdoor space to highlight that area. Hanging the lantern over a seating arrangement creates an outdoor reading space when you’re alone or adds soft light for meaningful conversation with a friend.

4. Light Up the Seating Area

Candlelight can change the entire ambience of an outdoor space. Small orb lanterns are the perfect addition to your outdoor seating arrangement. Line up several lanterns on the table and use small candles to create a dim light. This creates a nice space for you to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

5. Use a Timer

To prevent the need to relight candles, opt for flameless candles from Pottery Barn. They flicker and shine just like a real flame. Use them with a timer, setting them to come on at the same time every night for convenience. This makes lighting up your outdoor area with lanterns and candles even easier.

Lanterns come in many shapes and sizes to go along with just about any outdoor decor. Adding flameless candles makes them both decorative and functional. The styles and designs available from Pottery Barn make it simple to add elegant and relaxing light to your porch, yard, deck or balcony.