Ideas For A Baseball

Themed Party

Baseball - it’s not only America’s pastime, but an excellent excuse to throw a party!  From baseball decor to game day fare, we at Pottery Barn have your baseball viewing party inspiration covered.  

Baseball Theme Party for Opening Day

Get ready for the first pitch of the season with an opening day viewing party! Decorate your living room with sporty themed decor, display an edible arrangement or two in your favorite bowls and plan a menu that's a combo of your favorite ballpark and tailgate foods. It's easy to create your own edible decorations by filling clear glass containers with peanuts, then sticking the stems of silk flowers in your favorite team's colors on top. Make sure to leave plenty of room on top so everyone can reach in for peanuts.

Baseball Themed Party Food for the All-Star Game

Get ready for the Midsummer Classic, also known as the MLB All-Star Game. Decorate your front door with a baseball wreath by gluing old baseballs on a wreath form.  If you don't want to sacrifice any baseballs, paint foam balls in their likeness and glue them to a wreath form. To complete the look, just add some MLB pennants, a colorful banner or balloons.

Baseball Theme Party for the World Series

Hang up some World Series team pennants and place throw pillow shams made from your favorite players' jerseys on your pillows and spread them out on the sofa. When the game is over, the jersey shams can come right off. If both kids and adults are in attendance, set out an ice chest of "Rookie" drinks like soda and bottled water for the young ones, and an "Old Timers" ice chest stocked with adult beverages.

Baseball-Themed Party Food

With the decorations handled, it's time to nail down the menu. After all, the food is where you have the opportunity to really hit it out of the park. Incorporate your favorite ballpark food like hot dogs, soft pretzels, popcorn and in-shell peanuts. Don’t forget your favorite tailgating foods like a slow cooker of sloppy Joes or chicken sandwiches. Set up a grill full of sizzling burgers to serve with fresh, in-season tomato slices, onion and lettuce. Think finger foods for the side dishes, and set out a tray of cubed cheese, chips, fresh veggies and dip.

Desserts Sure to be A Home Run

Looking to add a sweet treat to your party? A square cake decorated to look like a baseball diamond alongside a round cake, cupcakes or cookies iced to look like baseballs adds festive touch to your table. For a chilly treat, set up a sundae bar complete with plastic ball caps for bowls, and heaping scoops of your favorite ice cream. Be sure to add plenty of sundae toppings too - like chocolate syrup, gooey fudge, strawberries, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and bright red maraschino cherries. Your guests will have plenty of flavor options when building their sundaes.