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Cozy Up Your Bedding

for Fall and Winter

Cozy Up Your Bedding

There may be nothing better than cozying up for the colder months of fall and winter. Because your bedroom is your sanctuary, it is one area of the home that you don’t want to miss when decorating for the season. To achieve a comfortable, inviting look, you don’t need to rearrange your whole bedroom; a few changes of the bedding can make a big difference in bringing warmth to your room and your home. Pottery Barn has the bedding options you need to keep you warm and toasty when the temps plummet.

Switch Out Your Sheets and Blankets

If you live in an area with four distinctive seasons, it really is beneficial to have both summer and winter bedding. Those crisp, cool sheets you crave in the summer can feel quite frigid during the winter months, so swap them out for some flannel or fleece sheets instead. If you don't typically have a quilt on your bed, now is the time to add one. And nothing says warm and cozy like a down blanket. Use a duvet cover to keep warm during fall and winter.

Incorporate Warm Colors 

Your choice of color can help you achieve your goal of creating a warm environment.. The color sets the mood for the whole room, so use it strategically. A red or gold bedspread brings a rich tone and warm feeling to the whole bedroom. If you don’t want to change your bedding, add a few warm-toned throw pillows against a white or cream backdrop to easily add a cozy feel. And if rich tones aren’t your style or you prefer neutrals, swap out your white pillows for navy blue, brown or dark gray.

Use Textures

Sleek, clean lines and starched sheets may feel welcoming in summer, but are typically a bit cold during the winter months. Warm things up by incorporating various textures into your bedding. Nothing says cozy better than a thick quilted blanket and ruffled pillows. Knit blankets also exude warmth, so add a chunky knit throw at the end of your bed for an extra inviting touch.

Add Layers

Cold weather calls for multiple layers, so it makes sense that layering instantly adds warmth to the room. Piles of pillows are incredibly enticing, especially when placed on top of several layers of blankets and a quilt. Add a throw blanket on top of it all for a bed that will make you sleep well despite any weather.

Update Your Headboard

Your bedding headboard provides an important visual impact and contributes to the mood of your room. A tufted headboard immediately makes a room feel more inviting and intimate. Any fabric adds warmth, but for an extra plush look, opt for velvet headboard, which is both luxurious and comforting.

Add a Canopy

For a look that is classic, different and definitely cozy, add a canopy to your bed. Canopy styles range from romantic sheers to dramatic tapestries, but they all add the feeling of warmth and comfort.

Use Patterns

Sometimes solid colors can be a bit cold, so incorporate a mix of patterns into your bedding. Use an eclectic mix of patterns for an at-homefeel, but keep with the same color scheme to create a cohesive look. Utilize the layering technique as you add your patterns, so that your sheets, pillows and blankets all have a different yet unified look and feel.