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How to

Make Your Thank You Cards Personal & Unique

How to Make Your Thank You Cards Personal & Unique

Thank you notes are timeless way to show your appreciation. Phone calls, text messages, and emails all get the job done, but writing a physical thank you card lets them know you took the time to focus on expressing your thanks because they matter to you. Want to make yours extra special? Read on, get inspired and create thank you cards that are uniquely yours.

Start with a Thoughtful Message

As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, so make it special. Whether you send an actual card or a quick note, there’s a fool proof formula to writing a personal thank you note that will have real impact. Start by saying thank you. Tell them how their generosity made you feel, what it means to you and be specific. Make sure to thank them again and wrap the note up by wishing them well.

What to do with the thank you cards you receive? Hang up heartwarming thank you notes on pegboards and enjoy the card for weeks.

Get Crafty!

Making handmade thank you notes offers a more personal touch. Making a thank you note is as simple as drawing on a piece of nice paper and folding it in half. If drawing isn’t your thing, consider printing a photo and gluing it to the front of the card. Or use some scrapbooking materials to decorate it instead. Use a basket to keep all of the card-making supplies organized. Some other ideas for decorating a handmade card includes using glitter and gold paint, which automatically makes the card look festive and eye-catching. If you have leftover fabric, then cut squares of them and glue onto cardstock. Prepare for the holidays or for special occasions by making a stack of thank you cards. Store these in a box in the craft room or bedroom until they’re ready to be used.

Thank You Cards for Weddings

You may have a pile of thank you notes to send, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make each one feel special.  One idea is to take a favorite photo of you and your new partner, and use a photo editor to add the words “thank you”. Then, simply print them out, write your thank you notes and mail them off! Want to take it a step further? You can always frame the thank you and mail it to the gift-giver. They’ll appreciate the time you took to add that extra special touch.