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Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

Fall Decorating Ideas for Your Front Porch

The beauty and coziness of fall are reasons enough to celebrate all over the house - including your front porch. We at Pottery Barn are thrilled to share some outdoor fall decorating ideas that are ideal for this crisp, colorful season. As autumn marches towards winter, you can even adapt these ideas to accommodate Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Fabulous Fall Colors

Step one for any fall front porch is to focus on color. The warm tones of brown, gold, red, yellow, orange and even purple are ideal for capturing the spirit of the autumnal season. Faux leaf garlands offer a simple way of injecting fall colors that will stay fresh and vibrant long after the trees have shed their leaves. To build up texture, layer multiple leaf garlands in contrasting shapes and colors and wrap them around your doorway. You could also swag them across an awning or porch overhang to create dimension.

Wreaths with faux fall foliage can also add a pop of color to your door. If you’re not afraid to mix it up, try using silk flowers in fall colors instead. Chrysanthemums, sunflowers and poppies are great choices. Succulents can also be an unexpected way to add subdued green into a fiery fall color palette. Because the sun is getting sparse and temperatures are getting low, it's ideal to stick with faux elements for an autumnal succulent wreath.

Texture and Dimension in Front Porch Decor

If your front porch has some depth that you'd like to use to your advantage, bring in some textural elements that capture the essence of fall. Hay bales, wheat sheaves, dried corn stalks and other natural elements introduce a balanced blend of color, texture and create a festive harvest aesthetic. Mix and match these harvest-time accessories to create a variety of heights and depths around your front door.

Arrange some pumpkins and gourds around your hay bales or wheat sheaves for an extra pop of color. When Halloween season rolls around, carve or paint these pumpkins and replace them with fresh gourds when the calendar rolls over into November. Your porch will Thanksgiving ready in seconds!

Lighting Up the Longer Nights

String lights aren't just for winter! Lighted decor can look just right for fall. Make string lights or lanterns look stunning on a fall porch by focusing on orange or amber glass elements that radiate a warm glow by day or night. You can also find string lights decorated with spherical elements made from twigs or dried vines echoing the bare branches outside. Make the season cheerier with a fall porch that radiates a welcoming warm glow.