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Fall-Inspired Living Room with Autumn Colors

Fall-Inspired Living Room with Autumn Colors

With the leaves turning and the light changing, autumn is easily one of the most beautiful times of the year. If you love the autumn color palette of warm, rusty tones - why not bring them indoors? We at Pottery Barn are happy to share some autumn decor inspiration that you can easily incorporate into your living room and beyond!

Autumn Color Pops

If you prefer more subtle designs, your autumn decor can be as simple as a single pop of orange, red, yellow or copper. From pumpkins to deep purple leaves, there's plenty of inspiration to draw from for a simple, but eye-catching, pop of fall. Whether you prefer bright, fiery tones or the deeper hues, you can incorporate a seasonal twist into your living room by draping a throw blanket in your chosen autumn color over the arm of your sofa or the back of your favorite armchair. A good throw provides extra seasonal coziness for when you just want to curl up with a good book on a crisp October evening.

Seasonal Vignettes

When a single pop of color won’t cut it, take your love for the fall season to the next level by creating decorative vignettes for coffee tables, consoles, shelves and mantelpieces. You can choose to make a single vignette in a prominent area or go all in by filling vases with colorful fall blossoms and arranging festive decor around the base.

Bring in natural elements like small pumpkins to add texture. You may be able to find some pumpkin tree branches, which are a variety of eggplant that grow in little pumpkin-like shapes and turn bright orange as they mature. Specialty florists, and even some grocery stores, carry these in season. As for decorative objects, focus on items that evoke feelings of the season. Copper or gold-toned accents, wooden bowls and even Halloween-inspired skulls or animal sculptures will offer a unique edge to your fall decor.

Scent: An Additional Decorative Dimension

Seasonal arrangements are always better with candles. Candles are great for bringing in fall colors like rust and burgundy.  You can even pick out votives with leafy patterns to amp up the autumnal feel. The scents you choose for your candles will also add to the overall atmosphere in the room. Cinnamon and vanilla have a warm, cozy feel that is ideal for fall. Additional scents such as clove, bergamot and spiced orange can also blend together to create fall ambiance that’s pleasing to the senses.