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Create Beautiful
Holiday Centerpieces

Decorations are a great way to get everyone into the holiday spirit. This is the time of year to spend with family and friends by attending holiday dinner parties. Whether you are having a formal dinner or a casual get-together, Pottery Barn has several tasteful pieces to get you into the holiday spirit. Once you make your selection, use these durable and timeless pieces for many holiday seasons to come.

Eclectic silver candlesticks have interesting shapes in both traditional and modern designs. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the shapes. They go well together, so you can avoid having a uniform look on your table. Add in some square glass candlesticks too. These do not appear to take up as much space, but they add dimension to the table. The tall pillar candles from Pottery Barn are perfect for setting the mood with soft flickering light.

Combine natural elements with the silver and glass on your table. Sprinkle a thin blanket of snow over the table and around each piece to highlight the winter theme. Add fruits, plants and other items from nature to set the scene. Mercury glass votives are perfect for holding small plant cuttings, like holly or white roses. Additionally, they match the rest of the silver and glass on the table.

Cypress garland is a non-traditional piece to add to your holiday decor. It has a different appearance from your typical garland, but is similar enough that your guests will still correlate it with the holidays. Its deep green color pairs well with the silver to really highlight the candlesticks.

Be sure to purchase multiples of each piece selected. Putting several pieces on the table reminds the guest of the special occasion. Materials, height and layering are the most important elements to consider when putting your holiday centerpieces together. The combination of natural and man-made materials really makes your decorations stand out. Choose candlesticks and other decorations of different heights to add depth and dimension to your table.

An eye for design is not necessary to coordinate these types of holiday decorations. Follow the tips to choose the pieces you want from Pottery Barn. A combination of silver, glass and natural elements will create a beautiful scene for your holiday table. Your guests will be amazed and inspired by your luxurious choices.